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Most efficient, full body, group class fitness training for busy men and women.  

Improve your strength, get leaner and lose fat, improve your balance, improve your stamina and feel younger!

Tired of your old routine and want to spice it up?  Need to break through your plateau? Then Rise is the place to be. Get variety in every class, classes are always different.


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Personal Attention

Get personalized attention as if you are in a private class setting.  Through the use of progressions, people of all fitness levels can participate.

Inspiration / Motivation

Get help to go beyond their comfort zone and discover their untapped potential.

Correction / Education

Throughout class, you will be instructed on proper form and educated about what you are doing, with a focus on making your daily activities a snap.


You will leave each session feeling empowered, stronger, and ready to tackle anything during your day.