When we are not paying attention to our health then we are almost certainly eroding it.

"What gets measured, gets improved.  We can help you, measure and improve."

Mahatma Gandhi — 'Strength does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will.'

You can be strong, you can be healthy, you can perform better and feel better.  It is worth every second of the struggle to get there and maintain it.  When we look better, when we feel better, we can move better, we will be better leaders, at home, at work, in society.

You can focus on the all the excuses or you can focus on all the great reasons why and how it can be done.  You can do it and we can help and support you.


Everything we do, we believe in strengthening the whole being.

Our bodies are our own personal responsibility,


The way we strengthen the whole being is by training movement fundamentals, work capacity, balance, stamina, mind and heart.

We deliver the most efficient, total body training for driven people who want to come in, train smart, get results and live their lives fully, knowing they are ready to tackle anything in their daily lives.  

Are you ready to strengthen you?

“As you think, so you become.” 

Greatness lives within you.

At Rise Fitness, we recognize that everyone has an optimal blueprint for looking and feeling their best.  

We offer a total lifestyle package to help ignite your own inner drive and teach you how your thoughts shape your body and life.

RiseFit program will challenge you to rise up and become the master of your own life by motivating you to set higher goals and discover new personal heights of achievement.  

At RiseFit, you will discover how to use your mind to create not just a great body, but a great life.  Our professional trainers know that personal appearance is created from the inside out.  

We can personally tailor a plan to get you in motion, and keep your body moving the way it was meant to. The RiseFit philosophy offers food for thought along with fast-paced and intense exercises that will energize and inspire you to achieve excellence.

Dare to be true you!

Our Vision 

To strengthen the whole being and bring harmony to the inner melody of every person on earth. 

Our Mission

To strengthen THE growth mindset of humanity.


Have you heard about the growth mindset?

What is a Growth Mindset?  Click Here

Our Purpose

Create a safe environment that fosters your growth.  Strengthening your inner drive to bringing out your inner fire and your personal best.  To educate about the new aging process.

Your success is our success. 

The Rise Fitness Program

RiseFit Performance Training Program is a total body training for driven adults. It incorporates many styles of exercise into one class to create the most productive and efficient workout available.

Every class is unique, creating an environment in which the body is challenged and must continually adjust resulting in a consistent increase in total performance.  

The magic is in that little bit extra that you did today in comparison to yesterday.  The tiny incremental change compounds, like interest on capital, to have an amazing powerful effect over time.  As we continually keep varying the program, your body and metabolism continually are challenged and need to adjust.  

Rise is about character development, being engaged in motion, and emotions, immersed in the moment, developing and maintaining skills that will make daily life easier. Working to maintain balance in breath, water, sleep, nutrition, work, rest, detoxification, continually learning, facing and overcoming lifes challenges and living life to the fullest. I love this quote on aging:


“You are falling apart because the cells you are making are weaker than the cells they are replacing. Is this inevitable? Not at all. You just have to learn how to make better cells. Because if the three hundred billion cells that you make today are stronger and healthier than the cells they replace, you will, in a very real sense, grow younger. Do that consistently, day after day, and every aspect of who you are will improve, including not only your appearance but your biochemical makeup, strength, stamina, sex drive, memory, mood and attitude. This is now possible. It is not genes or luck -it’s a choice.”  Stephen Cherniske, M.S.  

Yes we may not be able to control the events in our lives, but we can always choose how we respond to all events, hence we have a great influence over our future.  -Robert Jaroszuk

How it all started.  Abbreviated version.

After reading the book Younger Next Year, I began to read all I could about aging.  Discovering the main message:  The way we age is not set in stone.  We have great impact over the process.  We signal our bodies through the way we choose to think, the way we choose to move, the foods we choose to eat, the way we choose to view stress, and the people we choose to share time with.  All of these aspects have impact on how gracefully we age.  We can turn genes on and off through how we choose to approach life.  There are specific ways to send signals to our bodies that communicate a message of renewal and youth.  I, through RiseFit, am committed to sharing that message and helping everyone to strive to daily communicate to their bodies a message of vitality.  It is proven science that has yet to be shared with the world and experienced by all.




I have been working out here doing circuit/performance training with my gf for a few weeks. So far I love it. Its been the kick in the pants I have needed to start recovering from a broken leg a few months back.

The lead instructor Rob is very very nice and always encouraging. While I am still completely out of shape I am taking steps in the right direction. Every workout is different and Rob really puts a hurting on you. As somebody who has never really worked out with medicine or stability balls, a lot of these “core” exercises were pretty eye opening. But the hour always flies by and I leave feeling that much better about myself.

The class times are very accommodating as well, with lots of before and after work options. Class sizes are generally 5-10 people, so you are getting dedicated instruction for your money.

The price would be the one drawback, as its significantly more expensive than a gym. But at the end of the day what is more worthwhile than your health?
— Thomas R. Allendale, NJ

What We've Achieved

  • Helped many members train for Triathlons, Marathons, Half Marathons, Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, 5K and 10K events.

  • Helped with weight loss ranging from 5 lbs to 80lbs.

  • Helped people develop healthy lifestyles that lead to reduction or elimination of prescribed medications.

  • Empowered people to increase their confidence

  • Improved balance, stamina, strength. 

  • Help people re-energize themselves to face the struggles of their day.

  • Keeping members focused and actively engaged in healthy lifestyle. 

  • improved self confidence in the way members look, feel, and perform.

  • Regain vitality.

Program is proven.  

Results from the program vary, based oN: 

personal engagement in effort to grow, commitment

to healthy life style when not at Rise.  

Consistency in attendance, positive and curious

attitude all play their role. 

Only by coming consistently, and putting in great effort, can you too achieve the results that others who come consistently and worked hard achieve in class.

In addition to having discipline in your workouts: focus on making healthy eating choices, getting enough sleep, hydrating, and managing stress. Along the way Rise will help you and encourage you in all of these lifestyle aspects.

The RiseFit program is proven to work – through consistent application you can achieve the results you desire.

What gets measured gets results.  We track your progress through body composition scans which measure how clean you have been eating.  We track your attendance, and through Fitness assessments we track how engaged you are in the classes you have been attending.


Why we call our fitness session a class?  because you are there to learn explore, play and mindfully move.  What can you learn about yourself in each session is what matters most. 

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love
— -Marcus Aurelius