Welcome to Rise


We are very excited to have you join Rise. We are here to guide and support you on your journey to greater health, fitness, and happiness. Here are key elements to ensure you be successful.

The next step after this is to set up your Success Session.

From one of the greatest coaches, "how to be successful".  Make the time to watch this before reading on. 

We get to the top by taking every step along the way.  Cherish the Journey.


Nutrition: Learn how to provide the body the nutrients it requires so that it can function at its best. We are happy to help you create a healthy diet and guide you in the right direction. or  The amount of leanness you have is correlated directly to the amount of calories and nutrients your body receives from your choices.


Consistency: Come 3-4 times every week and put health in your top 5 priorities in your life.  Create the time and schedule the time to get to class.  MAKE the time, because anything else is  just an excuse. Give it time, patience.  It takes your body 12 weeks to replace muscle and it takes that period of time for you to notice change in yourself.  Use the body scan to track your progress.


Effort and intensity: Strive to exceed your limits in everything you do, push yourself as hard as you can every time. Do not settle for merely good enough. Start fast and finish strong.  Champions sweat and gasp for air even though they are in great shape.  If you are not gasping for air, if you can talk, if you are not in discomfort you are not even close to your personal potential. You have to believe it’s possible to be healthy and then take a shot.


Attitude: Ask yourself “how can I do better?” We all have strengths and weakness, most people give up and complain, but champions find a way to get it done and a way to make it work with what they have.  Lots of people focus on doing the bare minimum and are happy with getting by.  Champions, however, focus on doing their very best, pushing their limits, and creating a new reality for the rest of the world.  A champion named Roger Bannister proved on May 6, 1954 that a 4 minute mile is possible.  Now it’s a norm for the rest of the world. Champions revolutionize our world and the mediocre watch.  We are here to bring out and strengthen the champion in you, to help you discover your new personal limits.


Control: Unfortunately, at one time or another we all get hurt, but to minimize chances, never sacrifice your form for speed or higher weight.  Do it gracefully and you will be safe.


Proactive: Do not wait, go out and get what you want.


Measure: Count how productive you are in a set period of time and how you can look to improve your productivity every time you come to class.  What gets measured gets improved.


Ask: Get involved in the challenges and ask us questions about the things you want to improve.  We have a lot of material that we can share with you. We here for you and we want to know how we can help you on your journey to a better more healthier you.

We look forward to seeing you in class and helping you build towards your fitness goals.

Success is in your hands.