We sell transformation

Upon joining send out email welcome to Rise.  Part of that email is send out instructions on how to take a photo to start their journey to transformation

we want them to (depending on how committed they are) take a photo on day 1 and then either every 15 days and a reminder text needs to go out to them every 15 days, or if they are not that eager then every 30 days.  they will do a BCS on same frequency as well. 

Instructions are - have your spouse, friend take a photo of you in a bathing suite and date the photo, and we hope that by the end you will feel so proud of what you accomplished that you will want to share them with others and on the rise website. 

Our Agreement - that is one of the first steps - agreement of conduct -  so we r clear of expectations - health is not the goal - fat is not the goal - they are byproducts of what you have been doing - the goal is to improve and evolve - your values, and beliefs which will lead to improved thinking, speaking, actions 


here is a link to our predictable transformation