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Rise Fitness is not just a gym. It is a place to find community, seek inspiration, achieve goals, and have fun. It has helped prepare me mentally and physically for wherever life takes me. Christine V

Rise Up and Own It!

"Rise certainly has me staying younger than I ever thought I could. At 60, I am feeling stronger and faster than I ever have in my life. Rob, your guidance and encouragement have been invaluable. And the rest of the trainers follow your lead. I love my daily Rise experience and my Rise family. Yes, like the picture shows; 60 pushing 40. LOL!" ~ Joe L


Rise up and make it count

Working out clears my mind, relieves stress and makes me a more calm and better person for my friends and family. It is much needed part of my life and should be part of everyone's. I find the most rewarding thing about the Rise experience for me has been the friends I have made, the encouragement from everyone, the support inside and outside the gym and most of all the way it has changed my outlook on life overall, be more positive, finish what you started, stay strong and never give up. ~ Meghan A.

Rise with dedication.

With my husband we were never "health Club" people, so we were hesitant to do something with a large group.  We motivate each other and didn't think we needed anything like RIseFIT.  We also just had built a gym area in our house and didn't think the money was worth it to join.  3 Years later we are still die-hard Rise fans and hate going away for work or vacation because we know we will be missing out on the RiseFIT workouts.

Rise and sparkle :)


RiseFit has had an impact on my life in so many ways.  I started coming 3 years ago almost to the day. I was in a fitness rut, have gone to the gym every day for over 20 years. It's a part of me but I was bored. 

A close friend introduced me to Rise and from the first day I was there, I was hooked and connected physically, mentally and spiritually. Rise has not only changed my body and made me tremendously stronger but has made me a better mom, wife, daughter and friend. My kids know all I need is 1 hour at Rise and I am ready to take on the day. Amazing training friends, incredible caring trainers, RiseFit is a special community I feel lucky to belong to. Rise has also taught me to work to my maximum potential and to compete against myself, help root others on, high fives are always a good idea and to listen to my body. The one thing I don't love about RiseFit is that I have to wash my hair every single day when I leave, lol!!

Rise above pain

Rise has been my go to place for about 4+ years now. It is THE BEST place for a total body workout with the best coaches who work on not only motivating and encouraging you but also more importantly teaching you proper form and posture.  In addition to the coaches, the Rise members are exceptional - they support and root for you.   On a personal level before I started Rise, I would run into recurring episodes of lower back pain issues.  Rise changed all that. Within a few months, I was getting better, stronger and was in the best shape in my life.  Also, the Rise way alleviated my back issues completely. My extended family, friends and even my doctor ask me the secrets for the changes and I share my Rise story. I cannot thank Rise enough, for it changed my life style completely.


Rise and do my best today!

At age 50 I have been working out for 34 years. I have no doubt that in all that time, I have not encountered a fitness regimine as complete, challenging, growth producing, and safe as I have at RiseFIT. These workouts have taken me to another level. I can honestly say that at age 50, I am in the best shape of my life. The reason is not just to my hard work, but to the skill of the Rise trainers, and the completeness of their total body, nothing left behind, workouts! A great place to achieve your fitneas goals, safely, at any age and any fitness level. Go get yours...


Rise and stay younger longer!

Let's be real, you cannot escape aging. But how you do it determines the quality of your life. I've been a member of RiseFit for a long time.  Why do I stay?  It nurtures my body and soul by keeping my physically and mentally fit. I'm in my 60's, but still feel like I'm in my 30's. Check it out, you won't be disappointed. C. Cermack


Rise and grind
"I love Rise for the variety of cross training workouts and the ability for anyone to join in a class regardless of fitness level. Rob and his trainers do a great job mixing up the variety and intensity of workouts. Whether it's a strength focus, endurance or interval focus,I leave each class feeling as though I've made gains. As a former athlete and someone experienced in all types of training, Rise has the answer for whatever fitness level you are trying to attain. There's a lot of choices out there but the atmosphere at Rise is different and family like."  Joe G