Success Session 

Purpose of success session is to set you up for success so you will get the most out of the RiseFIT experience.  Secret dirty truth is that  there is 95% failure rate in the fitness industry to get people fit long term.  

We want to stack the cards in your favor by taking the critical steps that will ensure your success.   As with any successful journey you first need to know where you are (Injuries, fitness level, muscle mass, extra fat), get clear on where you want to go (specific and realistic goals), and set you up for success by planning out your path.

What will you need to do prep for this session:

Here are some of the determining factors that increase or decrease your probability of success

Perception.  Successful people own it that the state of my health is on me.   You are investing in yourself and that you are worth the investment of Time, Money, Effort to overcome the old way that is currently hurting you.  

Levels of personal commitment to being fit and healthy - Which attitude resonates most with you?

  • Dreamer - I would like to

  • Ready - I had time to think and I am excited to get going

  • Able - I have what it takes

  • Willing - so long as I am being pushed and accountable to someone you I am willing to do what it takes

  • Eager -  I am doing it and don’t need anyone to push me to do it

  • Obsessed  - someone will have to kill me to stop me.


Even your goal can set you on a path of success or failure.

There are 2 types of goals, Outcome and Process goals, most people focus on one or the other, but the synergy of the 2 makes it greater than the sum of it’s parts.

The very fact of, if you took the time to read this or blew it off is a sign of how committed you are to your goal at this point.  If you need more commitment you can improve that as well.

What is it that you want?

What you are doing everyday to get there?  

Having a Vision:  It’s just like traveling from where you are to where you want to go you have to be clear where you want to go, so that when you get there you know you have arrived.  

Daily Focused Action. Will you get there faster if you move consistently in the right direction or take more break, or go backwards or go off on a different path for a little while.  

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BCS protocol to follow prior to 


Looking forward to our meeting.

Robert Jaroszuk   Click Here for Robs Bio

  • Robert Jaroszuk who has designed the program has certifications in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), NAP (Neuro-Associative Programing), Hypnosis, Trauma Healing, is a graduate of LUF REDUX, a Navy SEAL leadership program, along with his list of fitness certifications. This expertise allows him elite insight into how the subconscious mind works, how people create associations, how to reprogram them and create new ones. How the words people use affect every part of their life for better or worse. Through these unique skills he helps people grow and evolve to their next desired level, break through old patterns and heal the past to create a brighter future.