Wanted to thank you for the “Kids Fit” that Rise Fitness offers.  Both my children Ava and Lucas really enjoy taking the classes.  As we discussed, we were looking for something fun, exciting, but fitness oriented to enroll our children into once their sport activities were completed, and Kids Fit did the trick.  The cross-fit exercises and obstacle courses that your team prepares weekly makes each week new and interesting.  Each week, the children come home and can’t wait to tell us what accomplishments they achieved and how well they are doing in class.  For Ava, it is a great way to continue her yearly activity schedule, while promoting good health and fitness.  Through your class, Ava has continued to gain strength and endurance that will push her to the next level in her sport activity challenges for the upcoming year.  Lucas has seen a tremendous jump in his athletic prowess and abilities. We were a little unsure if he would take to the exercises and activities, but we are pleasantly surprised in how well he is doing and how excited he is week after week.  His ability to now run, jump, move laterally and vertically, through your program, has provided him with surety and confidence when it comes to sport and playground activities.    For those parents thinking about a fun and fitness program for their children, Rise Fitness works.  Our kids now see exercising as a way of life and a fun activity, and not a chore.  Once again, thank you for your program and continued promotion of exercises for our children!  


Thank you,  Michelle and Dan Quevedo