Rise Etiquette

Our Etiquette is designed to help everyone have positive interactions in class and get the most from their experience.

Consideration, Respect, Honesty and Courage

The wings in the logo represent 3 layers - mind, body and emotion.  All 3 are always in play, synergistically creating the wing.  the two wings represent balance of dualities.  WHEN THERE IS INNER HARMONY WE ARE ABLE TO FLY BETTER.  With inner harmony the melody of our heart can be heard.

Courage - Vulnerability is the birthplace of courage, innovation, creativity, and change.  Be willing to let the guard down, through struggle we grow.  Have courage to go beyond what you can currently can do, it is the only way!  Keep a students mindset as we are all here to learn and improve our skills.

Respect - Show respect towards your class mates, the best way to get respect is to show respect first.  Not familiarizing yourself with our rules is disrespectful, to us and Rise members.


Honesty - there is a critical difference between benevolent and brutally honest; “I have a problem with that…”, “That is a stupid thing to do…”

Consideration - In other words having empathy, we are all struggling in some way, physically, emotionally, mentally, we are all in it together working hard to grow in our own unique way.  You do not know what a person next to you may be up against, we can all go a lot further in life with a little support from those around us.

Class Participation Rules

Rule 1-  Your Safety comes first, there is a progression to every move, find a progression that challenges you.  Do it gracefully and go from there.

Rule 2 - Give everything your best effort.   Make every minute count, always do your best, attitude effort intensity are your choice. What you give into the class is what you will get out of it.

Rule 3 - We are all here to learn, everything is a skill that can be improved.   Be engaged in class and encouraging to others. Everyone else is struggling too.

Rule 4 - Listen when the trainer is talking, or you will get lost. When lost, you are increasing your chances of getting hurt, or hurting someone else.  Everyone is expected to give it their all.

Rule 5 - Keep a growth mindset, you can always improve your skills and abilities.   Approach things with a student’s curiosity, you are here to learn and become and improve your skills.

We take breaks as a team, we drink water as a team.  This is your first class, if you feel dizzy, need to sit down, no problem.  

General Guidelines

Succeeding 100% of the time is not most important.

Striving 100% of the time to succeed is most important.

Your Effort, Consistency, Strategy, Attitude are keys to succeed.

Accountability – Everyone is expected to always sign in on the SmartBoard before taking class, for safety, insurance, your systems and personal accountability reasons.

Respect equipment / Respect RISE– Handle it with care, put it back as you found it.  If you broke something, tell a Rise Team member right away, you don't want someone getting hurt by using it later.  You are always welcome to replace something you have broken, or chip in what you can towards the replacement of it.  Most items run $20 to $200.

Cleanliness – Be mindful of all your belongings, you will be sweating in class so just be sure to clean equipment you used.  Be careful of makeup and lotions that can leave grease stains on the mats and equipment that is hard for our staff to clean.  Maintain good personal hygiene. 

Cell Phones - Unplug yourself for an hour.  It will be a freeing experience, and if you find yourself so attached, that you can't, we suggest you do spend time to ponder that.  Trust us, it's good to unplug.

Shoes – Clean studio sneakers only, everyone likes a clean workout environment. If you forget your sneakers you can go barefoot.  People take class barefoot, a stone can cause injury, an injury that can be easily prevented with being respectful and thoughtful.

Time - Classes start exactly on scheduled time, arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to stretch and socialize.  Inform your coach, prior to start of class, if you have to leave early.

Water -  We are a team and we take breaks together.

Injuries- If you have a preexisting condition, be sure to tell your coach prior to class so he/she can give you the necessary modifications. Also be sure to know your limits! Be smart, Train Smart!

Grunting- It is a natural expression when someone gives its their true all out effort, if you don’t understand it, don’t knock it, try harder, you will grunt too when you take yourself to that place :)

Comments/ Concerns- If there is a problem, be sure to speak up and tell the coach. If you have a personal comment or are unsatisfied with something and don't feel comfortable speaking in person, please e-mail Risefit@gmail.com.

Participate in class - encourage and support others, work hard and have a good time…Celebrate your accomplishment at the end of class, you worked hard!  When we clap, you have 2 reasons, to acknowledge yourself for your own effort and those of others.

Cosmic Plurality

by R. Buckminster Fuller

Environment to each must be

All there is, that isn’t me.

Universe in turn must be

All that isn’t me AND ME.


Since I only see inside of me

What brain imagines outside me,

It seems to be you may be me.

If that is so, there’s only we.


Me and we, too

Which love makes three,