Fitness and health is just like any skill, it can be improved.

A quick big picture view how it is a balance of, training and then taking the proper time off from training to recover, grow. 

Sadly great majority of people don’t have balance.  There are those who “MUST” do something everyday, and on the other side are couch potatoes.  

Back to Balance:  It’s about continually adjusting to the life and choices we create, learning to say no so we can say yes to what is truly important.  There is so much that is pulling on our attention all the time that we have to learn to say no more than we say yes and be really prudent with how we manage our energy and time.

Go through this list and see how well you balanced your week.
Quality Sleep
Mindful Breathing
Stretching or massage
Recovery days
Rest day (rest from training, rest from stress, rest for digestive system, find a place to emotionally rest, self appreciation)

Stay awesome, mindfully apply this to your next week.  Plan for it and you have increased your probability of success.