This elite level training builds on the previous Adapt and Evolve programs, now we focus on building an indomitable mindset, spirit along with strong fitness, greater endurance, by mentally and physically challenging you to not only handle your own but to work as a team through highly demanding conditions.

The challenge is when you find yourself heavily undermanned, there is always too much to do and not enough guys to do it, how resourceful you become, and how do you perform with that pressure?
The reality is everyone is a hot shot when they are rested, how do you perform when you are at your max, mentally, tactically and the team has to perform?

Sessions are focused on taking RiseThrive members to exhaustion and then asking them to make decisions, complete tasks, such as puzzles, both individually and as a team.
hold their breath for up to four minutes under water, Wim Hoff Method, 
In one exercise -- the ice-bucket memory game -- men were immersed in ice baths while exhausted teammates had to solve puzzles to release them. If they got it wrong, they had to do a 50-meter dash and then try again.
"It just comes down to making smart decisions when you're exhausted or under stress. That's what special forces guys have got to be good at. The consequences for them are pretty big.

For people who love the word indomitable, who make decisions and make the impossible possible by having antifragile determination.



All the types included in the Evolve program

This program is offered once a week on the weekend it will be a 90 minute or longer event

During the week they have a special assignments to accomplish  4 month program feb 1 to end of may sept 15th to dec 15th

You will be required to take someone new to the adapt or evolve program and lead them to success.  We can all always hone and improve our leadership skills.

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