With a strong foundation set through the adapt program we can continue to build strength and stamina to tackle anything that may come our way in our lives. This is what we call training for life. It is not the question of if life throws us a curveball, it's when and when life does, it's all about how we stand and go through it. With mental grit, physical stamina, strength, and inner fire, you will know life is working for you and you can handle any situation that comes along lifes wonderful journey.


Starting with a fitness assessment we will gain a clear understanding where you are, where you want to go and what we need to accomplish to get you there.    This way we can accurately measure your progress and get you the results you want.  

We are so certain with our ability to deliver results that we offer a Money back guarantee if you find that we are not a good fit for you, no questions asked. 



Get the RiseRecover and RiseNutrition from the RiseAdapt program.  

RiseEvolve: Every class varies while the fundamentals remain the same, this produces a progressive way to train that delivers, safe, fun, variety, challenge through high intensity interval training combining the most effective routines from all fitness disciplines. 

RiseKick: Martial arts challenges the muscles in a whole new way, the ability to stay lose so you can be fast and in millisecond tighten the muscles for an impact after which you relax again, will train the muscles in a whole other dimension.

RiseStrength: Old school lifting meets new latest research and technology to deliver most advance strength training routines.




Kendra, I will want 5 photos of people who are in the evolve program, showing weight, fitness, age of all levels.