We are the few who do, out of the many who talk. 

Are you ready to improve your Fitness?

Have you noticed your fitness is not what it used to be?  

Do you want to train with expert coaches?

Would you feel happier if you could perform better, feel better and look better? 

We Always Strive To Deliver, Most Efficient, Most Complete, Training Program.  

Join the best team that will support and challenge you to bring out your great potential!

We support our team.  We hold each other accountable.  We guide our Team. Together we produce results.  The Team asks for everyone to step up their game.  The Team will cheer you on.  You will cheers your Team on.  

Give Love, Give Support, Give your full effort, Give your full attention, Give positive attitude, Give acknowledgement.

Get RiseFit Strong!  

Get Personal Instruction, Motivation, Inspiration, Correction in an awesome supportive team setting.

I love Rise fitness and their amazing instructors! I have been doing yoga for 7 years and always thought that adding running and weight training would decrease my flexibility and take away from my yoga practice. The exact opposite has happened! I have actual improved my postures! I always leave Rise in a great mood and I am so glad I found them!
— Julie Seibold


We are excited to share with our new look with everyone!  You'll find RiseFit's upcoming events along with blogs, recipes, and more!  

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