Reshape Your Life



Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life! 


When life is busy, stress is high, commitments are too many, and time is scarce resource.  You need to get smart, safe, total body training in fast super efficient 30 to 60 minute sessions.


You will find yourself in a challenging, supportive and fun group training and personal 1 on 1 training.  


Experience smart cross training routines that hit every muscle in your body in just the right way.


Light up your inner fire and be continually 

Adapting, Evolving, Thriving.


I love Rise fitness and their amazing instructors! I have been doing yoga for 7 years and always thought that adding running and weight training would decrease my flexibility and take away from my yoga practice. The exact opposite has happened! I have actual improved my postures! I always leave Rise in a great mood and I am so glad I found them!
— Julie Seibold