Kids Rules



You are welcome to bring your child(ren) and let them hang out quietly while you train.

If you bring your child(ren),

  • You agree to bring something so they are entertained by themselves.

  • Your child can sit on the white chair in the main room or in the back office preferably.

Children are not allowed to be out or play on the matted floor during class.  It is distracting to your coach, other members in class and creates an unsafe environment, for everyone including the child(ren) if they come out onto the training floor, yell, or cause other distractions.  

When a child needs attention it is up to the parent to take care of them.  Please do not put a RiseFit Partner or a RiseFit member in an uncomfortable position where they have to ask the parent to engage or ask the child to behave.  We really appreciate the parents being in charge and not creating a situation where the trainer has to get involved.

If your child(ren) need/s attention, 

  • You agree to quickly give proper attention to the child(ren) needs and take proper actions.  

  • If you decide it is best to leave, please let the coach know that you will be leaving.

Check area before you leave, if your child created a mess, please clean up.  If they broke something, you agree to replace the item(s). 

We reserve the right to deny disruptive children from future attendance at our discretion. We hope that it never does escalate to that point, as it creates an uncomfortable situation for all parties.

Please be aware that we and other members do make adult appropriate comments at times in class,

  • Music can have adult language

Rise is for adults to train, it is also for parents to have their much needed time for themselves.   It is an opportunity for the parent to recharge and refocus so they can serve better.