The Joys and Benefits of Kickboxing Classes

Get ready to reduce stress and burn calories with one of the best cardio exercises available: kickboxing. Fitness kickboxing is a leading pick for fat-burning, cardio exercise with up to 1200 calories burned during a one hour class. The kickboxing training and exercises will power your muscles to exert maximum force within short intervals of time. The moves you’ll learn are rhythmic and packed into each workout. Our kickboxing classes are designed this way build strength and increase overall muscle endurance.

Our cardio kickboxing trainers have created a class which combines the best of the best in martial arts karate moves, powerful kickboxing, and a non-stop, steady stream of high-intensity cardio. It’s the best workout you will find in HO-HO-KUS and all of New Jersey!

Benefits of RiseFit Kickboxing Training:

  1. Superfast Weight Loss

  2. A fit, trim and toned body

  3. Rapid muscle toning

  4. Unstoppable energy

  5. Tighten muscles in your entire body

  6. Healthier-looking skin

  7. Serious stress reduction

Whether you have prior kickboxing training or you’ve never hit a bag in your life, you’ll fit right in at RiseFit. Cardio kickboxing was completely new to some of our members but they now say they can’t imagine their lives without it. Before your first class, we’ll brief you on the techniques our instructors use and what to expect. At RiseFit we workout the mind and body. The minimum age requirement is 18 but we also offer other kickboxing workout classes for those under 18.

Cardio Kickboxing is different because our instructors develop unique workouts for every class. All you have to do is show up at our kickboxing gym and relieve stress from the day. Kickboxing helps with weight loss as well as increased self-confidence. You’ll leave feeling healthy, strong and ready to take on whatever life throws your way. At our RiseFit Kickboxing classes you’ll burn fat, reduce stress and tone up by punching and kicking real heavy bags.

Are you ready for your kickboxing workout? Looking for a kickboxing gym? Then get started today with RiseFit’s incredible kickboxing classes. To register for the first class, select the preferred time from the schedule and fill out the form online.

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