Get The Glow Back

Due to an often toxic environment and less-than-healthy diet, juice cleansing is necessary from time to time to remain clear and energetic. For centuries people have been cleansing to gain mental clarity, lose weight, and improve their overall well-being. At Love Grace we have found a way to make it fun, easy, and delicious.

Our cleanse contains juices that have been gently extracted using cold-press technology. This ensures maximum nutrition, up to 5x more nutrients than the common home juicer, and optimal freshness.


Cold-Pressed juice is condensed nutrition and highly bio-available. Extracted from fruits and vegetables it contains the enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients our bodies live on. We call our juices “sunlight in a bottle” because the pounds of fruit and vegetables we put in each bottle are direct results of sunlight absorbed by plants which use their innate wisdom to transform this energy into all the nutrients we have on earth.


What’s a juice cleanse?

Juice cleanses are used to get the glow back. To be re-inspired, have energy levels you never knew possible, lose weight (if necessary), and jump start your healthy lifestyle. When doing a juice cleanse you refrain from eating and drink (optimally) cold-pressed organic juices through out the day.

Specifically with Love Grace we offer 4-16-oz cold-pressed juices, 1-16oz super food smoothie and 1-4oz Ginger bomb.

Fasting has been used for centuries for healing, spiritual practices and longevity.


Why should I juice cleanse?  

Done once a season or more depending on a person's specific health goals.

Almost all types of people can juice cleanse.


When refraining from eating food your body has all the energy usually used for digesting food to go to healing and working on specific conditions. We believe our body is built to heal naturally we just have to give it the resources and time to do so.


- The chlorophyll rich juices will bind to toxins and (+) charges such as toxins, heavy metals, free-radicals and safely move them out

-Flooding your body with condensed nutrition from a wide variety of superfoods, fruits and vegetables.


- Mental clarity and acuteness, energy, focus and beautiful skin/hair/nails are an awesome bonus. Many people report better sleep, more flexibility, deeper yoga practice, sense of peace


- Disease can not breed in an alkaline environment. Because the juices are high in natural occurring minerals they help to create alkalinity in the body.

-Healing disease, chronic health problems, digestive issues

- If you have weight to lose you will naturally lose anywhere from 5-20 lbs as a result of both lower caloric intake and alkalinity

The order of juices to consume during a cleanse has been formulated to follow the natural circadian rhythms.  


A few of the formulas alternate daily to ensure one receives a full spectrum of phytonutrients and minerals.


1-16oz Purify

1-4oz Ginger Bomb

1-16oz Super Cider or Longevity Tonic

1-16oz Green Sunshine

1-16oz Green Protein/Probiotic Smoothie/Chocolate Superfood


How long should i do the Juice cleanse for?

We generally recommend 3-5 cleanse days to start.  In our experience when cleansing for 5 days you start to see optimal results.  The first 3 days your system has a chance to rest and cleanse.  By day 4 and 5 you really go to healing, rebuilding and remineralizing and experiencing a real transformation in energy levels, vibrancy, weight, and glow to name a few. Of course it is important to listen to your body and also what works for your schedule.

The following information will answer some of the common questions asked about coming out of a juice cleanse. this is a guideline only.  The statements herein were not evaluated by the fda.


Tips for a few days before:

Reduce or ideally eliminate caffeine intake, as it will give you a withdrawal headaches.

Let your friends and family know of your planned juice fast, and ask for their support during this time. They may think you are crazy, but you're in a great position to set an example and be a walking advertisement for all the benefits of doing a juice fast! It might even inspire them to go and do one themselves!

Try to scale back your social engagements, it will be way too tempting to be out and surrounded by food and possibly alcohol.

Have some guided meditation CDs on hand, as these will come in handy during those moments of wanting to give in! Also get online and chat to others who are also juice fasting at the same time as you. Moral support is so important during this time and really does help.

Buy a journal so you can jot down daily how you are feeling before, during and after the fast. This will be great to get those thoughts, feelings and emotions out as well as to look back on after the fast.

Also please check in with your healthcare practitioner before starting a juice fast, especially if you are on medication, have a serious illness or pregnant.


Tips for during your juice fast:


Most people experience some sort of detox reaction during a juice fast. I remember mine vividly! I had serious detox brain and could not even string a sentence together.


Other people sail through withou problems, going to work, hitting the gym, running marathons....


It's important to check in with your body on a daily basis during the fast. If you're feeling tired that day, take it easy and try to schedule some nap time if possible. If you're bouncing out of bed, then feel free to do your usual routine, including exercise.


What to expect when you're fasting:


Tiredness, moodiness, anger, weakness, light headedness, insomnia, skin breakouts, irritability are among the more common ones. If you have a recurrent health issue (ie. eczema, acne, sinus issues), be warned that may get worse before it gets better.


It's important to be patient and breathe through these periods, call on a friend or chat with someone who is going through the same thing. You might find that a lot of emotional stuff surfaces, too.


Just take deep breaths and know that these moments shall pass. By the end of the five days, you'll will be feeling incredible.


Journalling every day helps, too.


Why do these detox reactions occur?


By doing a juice fast, you are telling your body you are ready to heal and detoxify. It starts cleaning house, but if you have a lot of toxins, your body will be working overdrive to dump those toxins, making you feel sick. Your bowels may decide to have you spend most of the time on the toilet or the complete opposite!  


Tips for removing toxins:


This is a wonderful way to move toxins out of the body. Not only does it feels great, it will help you sleep better, too.


Do this at a pace that suits your body's energy levels during the juice fast. Gentle walks or yoga are great for the low energy days. If you feel up to it, do your normal exercise routine if that means a run or hitting the gym. Working up a sweat is also a great way to get toxins out of the body.



Direct sunlight on our bodies gives us energy, and that really important vitamin, vitamin D, which boosts our immune system and helps prevent cancer. Sunlight also triggers our body to produce 200 anti-microbials that kill off bad bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Try to get at least 15 minutes to half an hour of sunshine a day, as the best way to get vitamin D into your body is on skin without sunscreen. (Try to avoid peak UV periods if you're concerned about sunburn.) Roll up your sleeves or expose a leg or two!

How to eat after a juice fast:

On the last day of your juice fast, you may be desperate to eat anything--even the furniture--or you may be so nonchalant about eating, you could continue fasting for another year. (Ha!)


However, some people do continue the fast for another few days or weeks. Your body will signal when its really, truly ready to eat again. This does not mean a trip to McDonalds or a three course meal from the in-laws who mean well.

After your Juice Cleanse:

Breakfast: On your first day off the juice fast, I recommend a fruit bowl (and only fruit) for breakfast. If you prefer not to have the fruit, a simple, light salad with a lemon juice, dressing would be a lovely way to break the fast.


Lunch: Continue with a salad for lunch, you may want to include some sprouts and fermented foods (cultured vegetables) here. These types of foods are pre-digested, which makes them easy to digest and the cultured vegetables are teeming with good bacteria.


Dinner: Lightly steamed vegetables tossed with lemon juice, dulse flakes and himalayan sea salt would be a nice option for dinner. Or maybe a miso soup or a raw vegetable soup with garlic and some cayenne pepper. Continue eating light foods such as these for two days.


The key is light foods, no meat, refined sugar or dairy or wheat and they must be organic. You do not want to stress your organs and tax your digestion by eating heavy foods right away. Keep up your fluids and keep taking your pro-biotics. (This should be part of your daily routine anyway.)


On Day 3 continue to eat light meals but you may start to re-introduce nuts and seeds, for example breakfast could be some mixed soaked nuts with soaked chia blended to make a morning breakfast porridge and add some home made raw almond milk. Add back in the good fats such as Coconut Oil, Avocado, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil or Flax Seed Oil. Add in some gluten free grains, such as Quinoa, Amaranth or Millet to your meals.


On Day 4, continue to eat as above, but you may introduce some light animal protein (if you wish) such as steamed fish, chicken or eggs to your meal. Ensure the fish you eat is high up on the food chain and all eggs and chicken are organic and locally sourced.


On Day 5, you may re-introduce dairy and meat if you desire. However if you do, any dairy should be raw (not pasteurized) and any meat should be grass fed, organic and locally sourced. Keep in mind food combining principles also when planning meals.


Now that you have done a fast this is a great opportunity to not slip back into any bad habits consuming processed foods, wheat, dairy, meat or sugar. Heck, why not give up the coffee and alcohol too! These are strongly addictive foods and substances and will have you back on that vicious cycle before you know it.


And finally, the most important part is to congratulate yourself! What a huge achievement and truly special way to honor yourself--to allow yourself to become a healthier, stronger more vibrant version of you!


Keep this in mind too.


There is no exact method for exiting a juice cleanse that can be applied to every individual. there are several factors that make people’s chemistry unique; therefore, the results of a juice cleanse and the best way to exit a juice cleanse vary from person to person. the key at the end of cleanse is to avoid the common dietary mistakes that make cleansing necessary in the first place. leave out all processed foods from your diet as a starting point. a juice fast is a great initiator of this new lifestyle commitment.


general guidelines:

*ending a juice fast is the most crucial aspect of the process.

*the raw vegan diet after a prolonged fast is truly the best way to continue to detox. maintain that as long as possible after a juice fast.

*on the first day out of a fast, begin with fruit and raw salad.

*start mornings off with hot water and lemon tea. add raw honey if you desire.

*continue drinking juice and add smoothies.

*drink at least one blended smoothie with greens every day.

*remain vegan for up to a week after a juice fast, or forever if you choose.

*stay away from alcohol.

*avoid all processed foods.

*introduce cooked vegetables and add them to a raw salad.

*introduce nuts in moderation and eat plenty of sprouts.

*consume a good amount of solid raw fruits and vegetables daily. eat fruits and vegetables separately (it’s ok to mix them in a juice).

*no matter what, eat small meals.

*stay out of jail.

avoid pizza and ice cream forever.


For the average person that does not have any pre-existing digestive issues, there is more room for error when exiting a three to seven day cleanse. mistakes are less forgiving on longer cleanses or for people with medical issues, minor or not. the longer the cleanse, the more precise resuming a solid food diet should be. remember, if you stay 100% raw post juice fasting, you’re technically still cleansing. perhaps a bit slower than on a juice fast, but you’re still cleansing nonetheless. many of the physical sensations a person will encounter are psychological. some people will feel wonderfully stimulated and amazing if they jump back into eating animal flesh and other concentrated foods right from the go. others will feel sluggish and depressed with the same foods.

A safer approach to exiting a cleanse is to begin eating raw solid foods. take care not to over eat and practice smart food combining. use a high quality digestive enzyme to aid in digestion. avoid all dairy, alcohol, and anything processed.

If you eat things like brown rice with fish with a miso paste (soy-based) dressing, (which sounds healthy) you’re likely to become very gaseous from the meal. then again, three to seven days is not enough time for your body to completely wean off prior eating habits. so compared to what you were doing before the cleanse, you’ll probably feel fine.

Many experienced cleansers exit a juice cleanse by eating fresh raw fruit in the morning, which is very cleansing and easy to digest (eat melon alone. do not combine with other fruits), and drinking juice during the day. if you can, eat raw foods that are agreeable to your system (some people have a terrible reaction to cashews, others don’t, as an example). raw sprouted nuts and leafy greens are ok. eat raw salads. don’t overeat and don’t sleep with food in your stomach.

Some people recommend soups and broths. there is nothing wrong with that approach provided that the soups are prepared properly with ingredients that won’t make you feel disgusting. avoid white flour noodles, white sugars, eggs, and other foods that require a lot of work to digest.

When you exit a juice cleanse but remain 80% to 100% raw, avoiding processed foods and animal flesh, you are technically still in a detox mode. it will be slower than a juice cleanse, but over time will have the same effect on the body.