RiseFIT is dedicated to helping teens build inner-strength, self-confidence, and self-awareness by teaching them about their minds & bodies and how they connect and make us who we are. 

Partnering with Zen Family Yoga owner, Shari Germershausen, this in-depth program will arm your teens with new coping skills for dealing with stress, anxiety and focus. They will build emotional maturity and learn how to better communicate with others .... all because they understand their own feelings better. 


"My heart is with teen girls who are hiding in their bedrooms with anxiety and fear.  I remember 7th grade being so hard and I was not acting as my true self because of my own insecurities. I believe yoga helps girls build inner strength and confidence and is a life-long (and life-changing) tool to help us get back to our "center".  We all have a relaxed center, we just have to find it."


3 weeks of looking inside can change your teen's life...


The Inner-Strength Program is an experience including yoga, aerial yoga, meditation, reading yoga books together -

Program begins on Monday, July 24th and concludes on Thursday, August 10th.

3-week Intensive Program for Teens/Young Adults

When:  Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Time:  5:45pm - 9:00pm


Your daughter spends 10hrs per week at RiseFIT for three weeks - she will walk in a girl and leave rising like a woman!


"Healing childhood and adult (little and big) traumas and decisions.  Building emotional intelligence so we don't project emotions onto others.  Letting go of control of our lives and embracing it.  Non-judging and releasing egos that hinder growth. Feeling moments as they appear.  Being fully present.  Learning to communicate with compassion and understanding. Detaching emotionally from conflicts and decisions so we understand and dig deeper into ourselves... this is what we discuss as we do yoga and meditate."


Three optional packages for the program are as follows:

BASIC: $599 - 9 Complete 3-hr sessions - includes everything described on this page

ALL-IN!:  $699 - Basic  +  Unlimited Group Classes at RiseFIT & Zen Family Yoga throughout the duration of the program

PREMIER: $799 - Basic  +  ALL-IN  + 2 additional hours of one-on-one time with Coach Shari

*Each package must be paid in full upon registration.  


Click HERE to register your teen for the Inner Strength Program running from July 24th - August 10th


Shari Germershausen has a background of 25 years in communications and public relations.  By taking these skills and applying them to her yoga practice, her clients gain a new perspective on behaviors and communication.

You can learn more about the facilitator of the Inner Strength Program by visiting her page here.



* Inner-Strength for Women


Click HERE to register your teen for the Inner Strength Program running from July 24th - August 10th


To register by phone, please contact Kendra at RiseFIT -  201.741.5692