Huge topic for sure.  

First clarification:

Definition of Feeling and Emotion (click link on left to Read More)
Feeling – has upwards of twenty different meanings, depending on which dictionary you consult. For our purposes, feeling can either refer to something experience as a result of outside stimuli reacting with one of your five senses or someone’s sensibilities, attitude, or emotional perception.
Emotion - is technically a state of consciousness in which various internal sensations are experienced. Emotion can be produced by a thought, memory, or external motivator and can often change our physical state.
Because of this, you could say that the biggest difference between feelings and emotions is that feelings have to be triggered by an external motivating factor whereas emotions can be completely internalized.

The Sentis Brain Animation Series takes you on a tour of the brain through a series of short and sharp animations. If you are interested in using our videos for private or commercial purposes, please complete our online application form: The fifth in the series explains what is happening in our brains as we experience emotions -- both the helpful and unhelpful ones!

Here are strategies we can implement and what we need to know.

The way we choose to perceive something will create certain emotions.  

Controlling our breath will help us gain control over our emotions.