What makes this weight loss program different from everything else you’ve tried?


What makes this weight loss program different from everything else you’ve tried?

I know a lot of programs promise you can “eat all the foods you love and still lose weight”. 

Sounds great, but how’s that working for you?

The truth is, any fool can come up with a plan to lose weight. You’ve been on enough diets to know that. You starve yourself and eat chemical cuisine that tastes like cardboard and the needle starts going down on the scale. You hate the diet, but you tell yourself you will do anything as long as you keep losing weight.

Until you can’t do it anymore.

That’s when you really feel like a failure. The diet was “working” but you were too weak-willed to keep it up. And you know what makes it even worse? The weight is coming back with a vengeance and now you weigh even more than before you started that torturous diet. You blame yourself and you feel ashamed.

What if the problem isn’t you?

Here’s something you should know-

Most diets are designed to fail.

It’s good for business. Diet companies make lots more money when you keep coming back over and over again. It’s good for them but very bad for you.

Losing and gaining weight is a very dangerous thing to do to your body.

Every time you starve yourself to lose weight, you lose muscle. What you gain back is fat. The more you replace muscle with fat, the harder it becomes for your body to lose any weight at all. It also makes it far more likely you will suffer a major health crisis.

With so much conflicting information on the Internet and TV, it’s easy to believe that nobody really knows the answer to permanent weight loss.

That’s simply not true.

There is plenty of scientific evidence about how our bodies work and what we need to do to have clear glowing skin, lots of feel good energy, a mind that is focused and clear, a peaceful night’s sleep and of course, a naturally slender body.

It’s really not that complicated. Do you want to know the answer?

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Written by:  Kathy D'Agati, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach


Top 10 reasons why RiseFIT loves Flexline!


Top 10 reasons why RiseFIT loves Flexline!

1.)  Unlike any other fitness tool, you can continue to work and adjust the weight/resistance as you are working on your own.

2.)  Explosive movements (speed) that only an air cable system is capable of delivering. Allowing you to train movements and do exercises that you cannot do with any other tool.

3.)  Very simple to use - so someone who is not a "fitness person" can learn very fast and use it well. 

4.)  Smoothness of the machine makes it great for corrective exercises!

5.)  Flexline is extremely user-friendly, super safe and allows you to work on your strength way better than dumbbells.  

6.)  The endless variety of movements really provides a full-body experience on a single machine.

7.)  Super efficient - quickly adjust angles and the resistance so you waste no time - no more fiddling with changing weights and pins! 

8.)  This goes beyond simply measuring reps - RiseFIT trainers are able to measure the joules and watts (we're talkin' someone's work capacity and intensity!) 

9.)  It allows each person to learn how to tune into their own body and push harder based upon how they feel because it shows your intensity and productivity.

10.)  Flexline is the latest and most scientific way to train safely and effectively, all while delivering maximum results and variety to each workout session.

If you'd like more information, visit www.flexlinefitness.com

Check our schedule page to view RiseSTRENGTH classes featuring the Flexline System!


Rise Stretch is now Rise Recover


Rise Stretch is now Rise Recover

Do you feel sore? Tight?  Do You have pain?   You need to do recovery stretches.

A full body stretch on an aerial silk hammock protects against injuries, releases tightness and pain, increases your range of motion, speeds up post workout recovery, eliminates soreness and enhances your health.

When you stretch, synovial fluids from your joints reach places that need it, circulating while lubricating the bones to facilitate smooth and painless movement.

Along with this beneficial factor, the pressure from the placement of the hammock fabric in lymph node areas (like the groin and armpits) assists your body in detoxification and in the circulation of your blood flow, speeding up recovery time.

When you reduce muscle pain you also reduce stress, helping you to live longer. Taking the time to stretch and decompress can reduce low back pain and relax the nervous system. How do you do this? Inversions (aka, being upside down).

Not only will you feel expansive in your spine, but also in your being. Stretching on the aerial silks will liven up your mood, some even say they feel like a kid again because it’s so fun....Liberating you to move more freely for your workout classes and in your daily life.

RiseRecover... it's so much more than a "stretch"!


Written by:

Nicolette Maio

RiseRecover Coach; Certified Yoga Instructor

Contact info@risefit.com to schedule a private or small group Recover session OR simply sign-up for a RiseRecover class here. 





What is more powerful than Discipline?


What is more powerful than Discipline?

How lack of alignment creates struggle in your life.
No discipline is required to eat the cookie you crave,

Drink the soda you want

or the alcohol you desire,

or to do the things you do as a habit.

“I’m a runner and if I don't get my run in I am cranky; I HAVE to get my run in for the day.”

“It’s the holidays, I HAVE to eat all the delicious food I see. I'm not going to be antisocial, of course I will drink alcohol too.”


Identity does not require discipline, and as long as identity is aligned with our dreams, beliefs, rules and values, there is no struggle.


I believe being healthy is good for me, I value my friendships, I value going out and having fun, I'm a party animal I’m fun to be around and I believe drinking makes me more fun... and with drinking I also eat.


This is an example of why discipline does not work. It is not about having to say “No” to yourself, to exert energy, to stop yourself or restrict yourself.  It’s about being free, and being true to yourself.  If you gain the awareness of how your decision is supporting or hurting you, then you have a choice on how to act.  


This is about reaching the place of self love and self respect.  You become aware that the alcohol is damaging your organs, your brain, you.  It’s hurting the people around you, and because you deeply love yourself and those around you, you feel the desire to avoid drinking.  There is no need for self discipline because the decision to skip the alcohol is easy.   


Notice how this is a completely different mindset and point of view?  If you have much conflict within yourself, then the decision for or against is a difficult one.  It’s painful and feels like you are giving something up to do something that is good for you and the goals you have in place for yourself.  


When you feel your self-sabotaging - going to that dark place where you feel bad, frustrated, discouraged and so on -the solution is to get realignment.

The choices will be easy as you will feel peace, relaxed, on point, proud, and happy.

Written by:



Robert Jaroszuk


RiseFIT Owner & Founder



What is the best exercise?


What is the best exercise?

What is the best exercise?  The one that pushes your body to signal growth.  Intensity is the key factor here, and getting the proper dosage is another. Just like anything that is good, too much can also be detrimental, so maintaining a proper balance is wise.  

As I like to say, “motion is life.”  Move daily through your full range of mobility, push your strength, push your stamina and your stability.  There is this harmony between pushing yourself to growth and then recovery, so you can push even more.   

I’ve seen people in their 40s who could barely lift themselves up off the floor in the beginning, then to being able to do an unassisted pull-up a year later.  There is a difference between how old you are in terms of years and how old you are in terms of your metabolic, cognitive, and physical performance.  

Wherever you are today, you can improve. You CAN be younger longer, even though the years keep tacking on.  The way we’ve seen our parents age is not a destiny we have to repeat. We can make better choices, we have more options and we owe it to ourselves to step up and live full vibrant lives for years to come.  

Take advantage of the amazing healing capabilities our body has. All you have to do is align with the factors that enhance your health, and distance yourself from those that reduce your restorative powers.  

This is the only body you’ve got for this ride and you will be on this amazing trip as long as you can. Keep this beautiful body functioning well!

written by: Robert Jaroszuk

RiseFIT Founder,





It  seems counter intuitive - the busier I am, the more time I need for exercising. But successful people know this is an edge they keep sharp.   

Over the years I have been blessed and privileged to work with highly successful people:  CEOs of billion dollar global companies, high profile doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.  Getting a safe, efficient, effective workout that distresses you, makes your body feel alive, sharpens the mind, and floods the body with lots of health benefits, is key to high performance when it matters most.

Time after time exercise has been proven to be the best use of our time and personal investment.  Health, after all, is the keystone to life.  Exercise is shown to treat depression, anxiety, improves sleep - just those alone will make you perform better at every other part of your life.  Often times, it is not what we can see with our own eyes that kills us, and so your heart is better off with exercise.  You can lower your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, as well as the probabilities of stroke or heart attack.  

Fit people have lower risks for inflammatory bowel disease and type-2 diabetes can be prevented and even treated.  In many studies, exercise has even shown to reduce chances of developing 13 types of cancer, including breast, colon, and ovarian.  

Being “fit” is so good for you, it is mind boggling that 80 percent of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise they need each week and the other 20 percent don’t engage in it at all.  

When you get down to it, all it takes is effort and self care.  Sounds easy enough, right?  However, majority of my clients don't know where to start and how to stay committed.  That's where I come in…

written by: Robert Jaroszuk

RiseFIT Founder, NAP, NLP, WITS.



Viruses 'more dangerous in the morning'

Do you tend to get sick more easily than others? Are you always catching colds and viruses and can’t figure out why? Research by the University of Cambridge has found that that viruses are more dangerous when they infect their victims in the morning.

They reported that people who work varying day and night shifts may be even more susceptible to viral diseases based on their schedules.

So how can we prevent this and stay healthy?


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