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Take Time To Sharpen Your Ax


Take Time To Sharpen Your Ax

"I am so super crazy busy!"  Everyone is, it’s not about how busy you are, it’s about what you make a priority in life.

Truth is you can only burn the candle on both ends for so long.  Most people go out there and are so so so crazy busy chopping wood with a dull ax and they don’t have the time to sharpen the ax because they need to keep chopping.  Taking the time to sharpen your ax will greatly enhance your performance and enable you to do even more.

Taking the time everyday to care for your health, to get yourself fired-up, to feed your mind, to strengthen your attitude, that time will enhance every minute of your day, all day long. But no, most people just want to get out there, like a race car driver who is too busy to fill their tank and fill their tires because they have to race, frankly it’s just foolish, but that is what people do.

So when you find yourself saying, "I am so crazy busy," think again - think, "I need to better strategize, set priorities, and take some time and realize what is truly important for me."

You’re not getting anywhere fast when you’re run down, sick, in pain, achy, unmotivated, going through the motions - you’re just lying and cheating yourself and everyone around you from the great person that is inside. Had you just taken the time to sharpen your ax...?

Everyday, honor the fundamentals, life is built on them.


Written By, 

Robert Jaroszuk  

RiseFIT Founder  & Owner


6 Ways To Lose Weight During The Holidays


6 Ways To Lose Weight During The Holidays

How can I stay lean and even lose weight throughout the holiday season?

Here are some of the strategies I use which you can easily implement to your lifestyle to get through the holidays like a champ! :

1.) Never show up hungry.  I usually will eat a healthy meal before I leave for a party or event so that when I am there, I am not there to eat.  I am there for the true purpose of socializing and celebrating the event.

2.) I create my rules before getting out of my car. If I choose to drink I say to myself,  “ I will have 1 or 2 glasses of...”, “If I choose to eat,  I will only  eat...”, “I will stay away from...” The choices become very clear if you stick to your plan.

3.) I focus on eating nutrient dense foods, and stay away from calorie dense foods.  If you chose to eat at a party, then have a bite, wait 5 minutes, and have another bite. No one is forcing you to eat everything in front of you and gorging yourself.

4.) I put in extra effort at home to eat healthy knowing that I am adding extra calories at a party, so eat extra clean at home.

5.) I implement intermittent fasting into my week, enjoying the empty feeling and allowing my body time to process everything fully before adding more.

6.) Plan to workout the day of and the day after the party and drink plenty of water. For every unit of alcohol consumed, drink 2-3 glasses of water or seltzer.

We're these Tips helpful to you?  Leave a comment below and let us know what we can do to support you during the upcoming holiday season. 

Stay Awesome! 

Robert Jaroszuk

RiseFIT Founder & Owner  

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What makes this weight loss program different from everything else you’ve tried?


What makes this weight loss program different from everything else you’ve tried?

I know a lot of programs promise you can “eat all the foods you love and still lose weight”. 

Sounds great, but how’s that working for you?

The truth is, any fool can come up with a plan to lose weight. You’ve been on enough diets to know that. You starve yourself and eat chemical cuisine that tastes like cardboard and the needle starts going down on the scale. You hate the diet, but you tell yourself you will do anything as long as you keep losing weight.

Until you can’t do it anymore.

That’s when you really feel like a failure. The diet was “working” but you were too weak-willed to keep it up. And you know what makes it even worse? The weight is coming back with a vengeance and now you weigh even more than before you started that torturous diet. You blame yourself and you feel ashamed.

What if the problem isn’t you?

Here’s something you should know-

Most diets are designed to fail.

It’s good for business. Diet companies make lots more money when you keep coming back over and over again. It’s good for them but very bad for you.

Losing and gaining weight is a very dangerous thing to do to your body.

Every time you starve yourself to lose weight, you lose muscle. What you gain back is fat. The more you replace muscle with fat, the harder it becomes for your body to lose any weight at all. It also makes it far more likely you will suffer a major health crisis.

With so much conflicting information on the Internet and TV, it’s easy to believe that nobody really knows the answer to permanent weight loss.

That’s simply not true.

There is plenty of scientific evidence about how our bodies work and what we need to do to have clear glowing skin, lots of feel good energy, a mind that is focused and clear, a peaceful night’s sleep and of course, a naturally slender body.

It’s really not that complicated. Do you want to know the answer?

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Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Where: RiseFIT 22 Hollywood Ave, Ho Ho Kus NJ (Behind Extra Space Storage)

Unable to attend?  Visit the link below for full challenge details: 

Written by:  Kathy D'Agati, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach



Let's talk about sugar

We are all exposed to it on daily basis, it's an inescapable part of our lives. SUGAR.

This is a great article and if you can take one idea and apply it to your life, long term it will make a big impact on you and your family.

Be healthy Be extraordinary.




Class Cancellations

Kid/Teen Class CANCELLATION for Thursday 4/17

With so many Kid and Teen members away for the April Break it has been decided to take the Kids/Teen Class OFF the schedule for Thursday, April 17. 

We look forward to seeing everyone back in action on Thursday, April 24!

Additionally, please note that this Sunday (4/20) the 4pm class with Jacob is cancelled. All other classes will resume as scheduled.

Have a great day!