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7 Proven Variables That Make you RiseFIT


7 Proven Variables That Make you RiseFIT


So many people want to get fit, however, they are afraid to go out and try something new and come up with excuses why they can’t.  If you haven’t tried it, you really don’t know if you can, and you may greatly be cheating yourself for not trying.  



The most important question you need to ask yourself is “why am I doing this?” You will create a  clear outcome of what you want to achieve and by what date. Those of us who achieve anything meaningful are always driven by their WHY.  The single biggest downfall for most people is not spending time on creating their “why”, and without a “why”,  we lack motivation and make up excuses to not workout.



You're not there...yes, your body is there, but where is your focus?  Staying mindful of what you are doing goes beyond simply doing it to stay safe.  Being mindful enhances every aspect of your workout time.  Being fully engaged in what you are doing is not only a good idea, it’s essential to producing at the very least, “good” results.



Now that you are mindful and fully engaged in what you are doing, you need to try harder.  It’s like anything else in life. In order to get new results you have to put in twice as much effort. Counting reps is key to intensity. If you could do 10 perfect squats in 1 minute, that’s awesome! In the next set, challenge yourself to  do 11 perfect squats in one minute. Even the slightest increase is gaining intensity.  If running faster is what you want, it’s going to require you to pick up your pace!



It’s not about you trying to beat anyone else, it’s not even about you competing with yourself.  It is about you measuring what you are doing, and cheering yourself on to do more than you’ve ever done before.  I’ve seen so many people hurting themselves because they were trying to beat someone else.  Instead of listening to their own bodies they were focused on what someone else was doing. It’s just stupid.  Have courage to strive to do more than you’ve ever done before, be mindful of your body and do what is right for you. Use intensity to push yourself safely to do something you haven’t done before.  1 rep more than last week, 1 second faster, lift 1 more pound than last week.



Now that you are doing more than last week,the results will begin to compound and you will begin to see measurable results. Keep consistent with this goal each week and you will really see results.  



Energy and enthusiasm are the variables that keep us wanting to do more, and we're more likely to keep doing what we truly enjoy.  Training hard, or working out hard needs to be celebrated. But let me be very clear - do not go out celebrating with pizza and beer! Rewarding yourself with food, especially food that is not in alignment with your goals is completely incongruent with working out. Perhaps give yourself points toward a massage or reward yourself with a special trip - any other way you want to celebrate your achievements and your effort goes hand in hand with the outcome you ultimately want.