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The Secret To Reverse Aging


The Secret To Reverse Aging

If you knew how you can influence the aging process, would you be interested in staying vibrant longer?

RISE holds the secrets of building an enduring body, enhancing energy levels and feeling good.

The problem we all face is that we are aging. To most that means getting older, to {us} that means getting better, wiser, more alive.

Research shows about 80% of the aging process is in our hands, and only 20% is in our genes.

It starts with your mindset and that carries over into the actions you take - leading to the experience you create and have in the end.

The RiseFIT program, designed by Robert Jaroszuk, is based on all the research of aging and how to stay vibrant and strong - for life.

You will learn and practice how to avoid the aging misery that many people experience {the aches, low energy, feeling sick, complaining about aging, and becoming increasingly pessimistic about life.}

When you get into your late 20s, metabolism begins to slow. Later, muscle mass begins to drop, stamina goes down the hill, stiffness begins to set in, and outlook on health begins to fall. The rate and magnitude of those factors are greatly influenced by the choices of each individual. Some people run marathons in their 70s and 80s, some even ski!

RISE knows the scientific movements discovered that need to be done consistently to have the most vibrant fulfilling life - and this is what we focus on and do in class.

RiseFIT is designed to not only help our members get in the best shape of their lives - arguably the more important factor is to build a body that will last the longest and performs greatly everyday.

Most people go to the gym to get strong {and strength is great, you need to keep that up!} but having full mobility, great stability, fantastic stamina combined with strength is way better.

We are here to empower people to make the most of the 80% they are not aware of.

We don't have to age like our parents did. We focus on the fundamentals that drive renewal and embrace being alive!



The Benefits of Kickboxing


More and more women are joining kickboxing classes – find out why

High Calorie Burn

On average, a person can burn 600-800 calories during a 45-minute kickboxing class, making this form of exercise a very efficient way to melt fat and get toned.

Great Cardiovascular Workout

If your goals are to lose weight, reduce stress and improve overall health, incorporating cardio into your routine is a must.

Kickboxing is a great way to get cardio inand also have some fun at the same time! During a class, you will improve blood circulation, strength and stamina with every kick.

Holding proper form requires constant muscle engagement. This tightens and tones the entire body while keeping the heart rateup from start to end.

Total Body Workout

During a kickboxing class, you will be moving nonstop: Jabs, hooks, crosses, and uppercuts work the upperbody which will leave the chest, arms, shoulders, and core feeling tight.

Other moves includeroundhouse kicks, front kicks and sidekicks, toning the thigh and butt areas.

Improve Coordination

With each class, your coordination, flexibility and balance will improve. You’ll sharpen your reflexes. We will ensure you have the proper technique and movement.

Relieve Stress

Kickboxing is not only physical, but mental, too. It relieves stress, builds confidence, and demands self-discipline. Nothing relieves stress more than practicing a roundhouse kick while picturing that work project!

Self Defense Skills

Kickboxing is great for general self-defense. You will learn moves that will empower you as you become stronger and fit.

Weight Loss

The intense physical activity involved in this high-energy workout will lead to weight loss. It is especially effective for losing that stubborn fat around the stomach area.

Boost Energy

Performing a high-intensity kicking boxing routine would be seen as something that would wear you out. But that is not the case at all. Sure, your muscles will be nice and worn out, but a kickboxing session will leave your body and mind invigorated.


Within the benefits of kickboxing lie the fundamentals of every martial art, which is discipline. Following instructions and mastering set movements while learning stances and technique require determination and discipline.

As you begin to excel in the routine, you will begin to subconsciously apply the discipline to your daily tasks and manage your life better.

The benefits for kickboxing are numerous as it works your body and mind while delivering optimal fitness results. It also provides a fun alternative to other high-intensity exercises.

You will find camaraderie and support at a Rise Fit kickboxing class, while getting expert instruction.

“A good workout is when you make your dry fit shirt look like false advertising.”

Reminder: before you begin any new physical routine you should always consult your physician.