1.)  Unlike any other fitness tool, you can continue to work and adjust the weight/resistance as you are working on your own.

2.)  Explosive movements (speed) that only an air cable system is capable of delivering. Allowing you to train movements and do exercises that you cannot do with any other tool.

3.)  Very simple to use - so someone who is not a "fitness person" can learn very fast and use it well. 

4.)  Smoothness of the machine makes it great for corrective exercises!

5.)  Flexline is extremely user-friendly, super safe and allows you to work on your strength way better than dumbbells.  

6.)  The endless variety of movements really provides a full-body experience on a single machine.

7.)  Super efficient - quickly adjust angles and the resistance so you waste no time - no more fiddling with changing weights and pins! 

8.)  This goes beyond simply measuring reps - RiseFIT trainers are able to measure the joules and watts (we're talkin' someone's work capacity and intensity!) 

9.)  It allows each person to learn how to tune into their own body and push harder based upon how they feel because it shows your intensity and productivity.

10.)  Flexline is the latest and most scientific way to train safely and effectively, all while delivering maximum results and variety to each workout session.

If you'd like more information, visit www.flexlinefitness.com

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