Do you feel sore? Tight?  Do You have pain?   You need to do recovery stretches.

A full body stretch on an aerial silk hammock protects against injuries, releases tightness and pain, increases your range of motion, speeds up post workout recovery, eliminates soreness and enhances your health.

When you stretch, synovial fluids from your joints reach places that need it, circulating while lubricating the bones to facilitate smooth and painless movement.

Along with this beneficial factor, the pressure from the placement of the hammock fabric in lymph node areas (like the groin and armpits) assists your body in detoxification and in the circulation of your blood flow, speeding up recovery time.

When you reduce muscle pain you also reduce stress, helping you to live longer. Taking the time to stretch and decompress can reduce low back pain and relax the nervous system. How do you do this? Inversions (aka, being upside down).

Not only will you feel expansive in your spine, but also in your being. Stretching on the aerial silks will liven up your mood, some even say they feel like a kid again because it’s so fun....Liberating you to move more freely for your workout classes and in your daily life.

RiseRecover... it's so much more than a "stretch"!


Written by:

Nicolette Maio

RiseRecover Coach; Certified Yoga Instructor

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