How lack of alignment creates struggle in your life.
No discipline is required to eat the cookie you crave,

Drink the soda you want

or the alcohol you desire,

or to do the things you do as a habit.

“I’m a runner and if I don't get my run in I am cranky; I HAVE to get my run in for the day.”

“It’s the holidays, I HAVE to eat all the delicious food I see. I'm not going to be antisocial, of course I will drink alcohol too.”


Identity does not require discipline, and as long as identity is aligned with our dreams, beliefs, rules and values, there is no struggle.


I believe being healthy is good for me, I value my friendships, I value going out and having fun, I'm a party animal I’m fun to be around and I believe drinking makes me more fun... and with drinking I also eat.


This is an example of why discipline does not work. It is not about having to say “No” to yourself, to exert energy, to stop yourself or restrict yourself.  It’s about being free, and being true to yourself.  If you gain the awareness of how your decision is supporting or hurting you, then you have a choice on how to act.  


This is about reaching the place of self love and self respect.  You become aware that the alcohol is damaging your organs, your brain, you.  It’s hurting the people around you, and because you deeply love yourself and those around you, you feel the desire to avoid drinking.  There is no need for self discipline because the decision to skip the alcohol is easy.   


Notice how this is a completely different mindset and point of view?  If you have much conflict within yourself, then the decision for or against is a difficult one.  It’s painful and feels like you are giving something up to do something that is good for you and the goals you have in place for yourself.  


When you feel your self-sabotaging - going to that dark place where you feel bad, frustrated, discouraged and so on -the solution is to get realignment.

The choices will be easy as you will feel peace, relaxed, on point, proud, and happy.

Written by:



Robert Jaroszuk


RiseFIT Owner & Founder