What is the best exercise?  The one that pushes your body to signal growth.  Intensity is the key factor here, and getting the proper dosage is another. Just like anything that is good, too much can also be detrimental, so maintaining a proper balance is wise.  

As I like to say, “motion is life.”  Move daily through your full range of mobility, push your strength, push your stamina and your stability.  There is this harmony between pushing yourself to growth and then recovery, so you can push even more.   

I’ve seen people in their 40s who could barely lift themselves up off the floor in the beginning, then to being able to do an unassisted pull-up a year later.  There is a difference between how old you are in terms of years and how old you are in terms of your metabolic, cognitive, and physical performance.  

Wherever you are today, you can improve. You CAN be younger longer, even though the years keep tacking on.  The way we’ve seen our parents age is not a destiny we have to repeat. We can make better choices, we have more options and we owe it to ourselves to step up and live full vibrant lives for years to come.  

Take advantage of the amazing healing capabilities our body has. All you have to do is align with the factors that enhance your health, and distance yourself from those that reduce your restorative powers.  

This is the only body you’ve got for this ride and you will be on this amazing trip as long as you can. Keep this beautiful body functioning well!

written by: Robert Jaroszuk

RiseFIT Founder,