Why do I  take my teaching so seriously?  Because people's lives are in my hands.  Because the misinformation spread in the media is harming people.  There is so much more people can do to live long, healthy, and high quality lives.

Through the years I’ve seen too many people die too young due to lifestyle choices. I’ve witnessed too many people who were given bad advice and who destroyed their bodies while living in pain, who resorted to pills to get through the day. I don’t judge and I don’t blame, I just hope to change attitudes.  I’ve had clients who were in constant pain, who couldn’t even lift themselves back up after being on the ground without assistance, who after changing their lifestyle and habits, got back to do what they never imagined doing like skiing in their 60’s and older. I’ve helped people with years of chronic back pain live pain free.  There is so much more people can do for themselves once they realize the power they have to  create harmony in their lives. Making changes and embracing a healthy lifestyle creates harmony. Harmony creates power.

The true reward for me is seeing how RiseFIT members improve their quality of lives in every aspect.  What is that worth to my members?  For most it is priceless.  To me, health is priceless. It’s not how many candles are on your cake, it’s how well you perform and live your life. I have done it for years, making people younger next year.  Yes, it does take time, consistency, the right attitude, and a huge effort. But if you just show up,  you too can feel stronger, younger, more energized, and live more fully next year.  What is that worth to you? 

Love yourself more, believe in yourself more, and follow a proven path to a stronger, younger, better version of you. You can travel and evolve at your own pace and as long as you follow the guidelines, you too will create a better way of living, and thrive at a whole new level.  This is why I do this. This is what excites me and gets me out of bed each morning when that 4am alarm goes off.  I believe in my clients. I  know what you are capable of. All you have to do is show up, apply yourself,  and follow the path.

Tell yourself: I can do this, I have what it takes!  I have the courage to overcome the fears I may have at the moment and the strength to crush the excuses that the weaker side of me has been using to keep me from growing.  Dare to step up, and know that you are surrounded by a supportive, nurturing community that is here to guide you, support you, lift you up, and get you to your goals.  Take that first step, and a year from now you will be beyond thankful for how far you have come, proud of all you have achieved, and feel empowered by your inner strength to overcome all that used to stand in your way.  You can do this, I know you, and deep inside you do too.  It’s time to be brave, it’s time to LOVE you at a whole new level and give yourself the gift of better health. Keep in mind one of my secrets - work from the inside out! The door is open, the opportunity you have been waiting for is right here, right now. Take the leap now and start your journey today.