"I am so super crazy busy!"  Everyone is, it’s not about how busy you are, it’s about what you make a priority in life.

Truth is you can only burn the candle on both ends for so long.  Most people go out there and are so so so crazy busy chopping wood with a dull ax and they don’t have the time to sharpen the ax because they need to keep chopping.  Taking the time to sharpen your ax will greatly enhance your performance and enable you to do even more.

Taking the time everyday to care for your health, to get yourself fired-up, to feed your mind, to strengthen your attitude, that time will enhance every minute of your day, all day long. But no, most people just want to get out there, like a race car driver who is too busy to fill their tank and fill their tires because they have to race, frankly it’s just foolish, but that is what people do.

So when you find yourself saying, "I am so crazy busy," think again - think, "I need to better strategize, set priorities, and take some time and realize what is truly important for me."

You’re not getting anywhere fast when you’re run down, sick, in pain, achy, unmotivated, going through the motions - you’re just lying and cheating yourself and everyone around you from the great person that is inside. Had you just taken the time to sharpen your ax...?

Everyday, honor the fundamentals, life is built on them.


Written By, 

Robert Jaroszuk  

RiseFIT Founder  & Owner