Each New Year comes with the desire for individuals to re-evaluate their lives and make better decisions than they did the year before. For many, this includes making better decisions concerning health and fitness, as well as making better food choices.

While we all start with good intentions, many people stray for their resolutions not long after they make them. Are you one of these individuals? To help you make better choices, you must first be aware of the bad habits that that are stopping you from finding success.

Here are 4 mindsets that are stopping you from having your healthiest year yet:

1. You think that losing weight is simple

Exercise and activity are very important to a healthy body but they require consistency and dedication. This is where many people tend to give up on their resolution. Becoming healthier and more active require an individual to stick to a consistent plan, which can easily be over-ruled by late work days, bad weather or general laziness. If you assume that losing weight will be easy, then you have already started off on the wrong foot.  Recognize that it will be hard work, and that you will have to be diligent with yourself.

2. You think there are “good” and “bad” foods

Labeling food as bad or good will leave you craving foods that you used to love.  If you’re planning on limiting various foods from your diet, then moderation is key. Your guilty pleasures don’t have to be bad guys if you treat yourself one or two times a week, or swap them for healthier options that are just as delicious.

The best way to make good food choices is to keep a diary of what you’re eating. Keeping track of what you eat will help you to recognize why you lost or gained weight at various times, and it will also show you what kinds of foods you’ve been leaning towards.

3. You think exercise is the most important component to losing weight

Exercise helps you to burn calories and build healthy muscle, but it is not the most important factor for weight loss all on its own. In fact, what you eat is even more effective than how much you work out if you’re looking to lose weight.

A good combination of both proper eating and regular exercise will be the key to a healthier version of yourself. Do not assume that just because you’re at the gym every day that you can eat whatever you’d like! Set yourself up for success by putting equal importance on your diet and training. 


4. You think there’s a quick fix

If there was truly and easy way to lose weight, then getting fit wouldn’t besucha challenge for so many.  Remember, there are no magic pills, pieces of equipments, or workouts that will help you achieve the results you want in a simple way or short period of time. 

Losing weight is a journey and not a destination.   It consists of little adjustments, decisions, and habits.  Always remain consistent and you will be successful. Set realistic goals for yourself, and celebrate those successful as you go. Soon enough, each of these 4 mindsets will no longer pertain to your lifestyle at all.