Have you heard of the new internet slang term “Dadbod”? This refers to the phenomenon of a new plump body when a guy becomes a dad. A new study that tracked the weight of 10,000 males over 20 years from adolescence into their early 30s finds the average 6-foot tall, first-time father gains 4.4 pounds if they live with their child after birth and about 3.3 pounds if they live separately.


That equals a 2.6% and 2% jump in a man’s BMI, respectively, according to a Northwestern University release.


Why do you think mens’ bodies change once they get married and have kids?  Is this a side effect of marriage itself? Researchers say that this is because of the eating habits and lifestyle change that comes with having children. New responsibilities take over and new fathers don’t have enough time to take care of themselves.


Would having a “DadBod” be dangerous to one’s health?


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