New Years is fast approaching, and a lot of people will be setting their new personal fitness goals for 2016.  While this is an exciting time filled with good intentions, many people tend to quickly fall back into their busy schedules and place their goals aside.

How do you break this recurring cycle in order to reach your fitness goals?

1)       Learn to understand your motivation

You should define your motivation and understand the reason for improving your fitness.  For every decision we make, there is always a reason behind it. If you can identify your motivation, then you can establish concrete goals, and create inspiration in pursuit of accomplishing them.  For example, “I want to get in shape for my beach holiday in March!” or “I want to become more athletic, so I can play soccer with my kids.”

2)      Set feasible fitness goals

Before you begin, you should write down some attainable fitness goals that you truly believe you can accomplish in a specific time frame. You should set a goal with purpose, and be able to measure your progress until the expected completion date.  If you do this, it is more likely that you will stick with your goal, focus on it and reap the benefits of your results.

3)      Read up and educate yourself

        Another way to break the New Year cycle is to educate yourself about reaching your goal. If your goal is to shed some weight, you should do some research about the different types of diets andmeal plans that are available, as well as the best types of exercise for your fitness goals. If you are new to working out or meal planning, consider referring to a personal trainer or meal planning assistant to help you make the best decisions for your personal needs.

4)      Have patience

In order for you to create new habits and endyour old patterns, it would take you approximately 21 solid days of change.  The first 21 days are generally the hardest, and it will require a lot of discipline to focus on your goal. 

Do not become frustrated if you feel you aren’t seeing results fast enough; be patient, and stick to your plan. Remember that the ideal goal weight is around 2 lbs per week and 6 weeks for noticeable physical change, so trust that your body is already healthier on the inside, and that it will soon reverberate that on the outside.

5)      Accept personal accountability

You should take ownership for every decision you make during this time.  Whether you make good decisions or bad decisions for your fitness, you must address those choices and make the changes that are necessary.

Blaming others or making excuses as to why you aren’t sticking to your goals is simply why you didn’t succeed in previous attempts. Make yourself accountable for all the things that happen to you, and appreciate yourself when you make the right choices.

If you truly want to reach your fitness goals this year, then face your toughest challenges and never give up; this will surely be your greatest year yet.

Always remember that there is no magic pill for your to be able to help you reach your goal, transforming your body always requires patience and willpower.  Following the above tips will help you to reach your goals successfully.