It is strongly advised that we should be getting 8 hours of sleep on a nightly basis; however, due to our daily activitiesthere are instances wherein we are not able to achieve the effective number of hours.

If you sleep less than 8 hours a night, there is a chance that this may compromise your health. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation can lead to different diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and even stroke.  If you are lacking sleep there are also short term effects that you may experience such as fatigue and memory loss.

Below are some signs that you may be lacking the appropriate amount of sleep.

Acting Careless

When we lack sleep, we tend to move and act without thinking. Things that we would normally never do are now a regular occurrence.  One example could occur during your regular morning routine for work, only to realize when you get there that you’re wearing all of your clothing backwards. Some of the actions you make may be out of character as a result of your lack of sleep.

Being Forgetful

Do you always forget where you put your car keys?  How about forgetting to switch the light off when you are about to leave the house?  When you lack sleep, chances are your memory is also suffering.  Getting enough sleep will help your nervous system run efficiently.


Are you continuously dropping things over and over again?  If this is happening to you, this is because you are having a hard time concentrating and your reaction is slower. Without sleep, your mind and your body may not have a strong connection as a result of a failing nervous system. With efficient sleep, your nervous system is able to operate properly and help you to be more in control of your movements.

Constantly Fighting Sickness

Are you always battling with colds? Do you feel like you are never in a full state of health?  The reasonyour immune system might be failing you is because you aren’t getting enough sleep.  If you are sleeping for 8 hours a night,your immune system releases Cytokines, which help to fight off infection or any inflammation.However if you sleep fewer hours, production of these proteins may decrease resulting in sickness more frequently.

Pimples and Acnes

If you find your skin is becoming more prone to pimples and acne, this might also be a sign that you are sleep deprived. If you are lacking sleep, you may be experiencing higher levels of stress than normal. As a result, the stress hormone called cortisol can flare up and cause higher oil production, possibly leading to facial pimples and acne. Sleep will help to balance this hormone, as well as your oily skin outbreak.

Unable to Focus on Decision Making

Are you having a hard time making decisions?  How about distinguishing what needs to be done first during your office tasks?   This may also be because you weren’t able to sleep well. Getting enough sleep allows the brain to be sharp, and allows you to perform well mentally.

Getting enough sleep plays a vital role in our overall being.  It is very important that we get enough rest so that we are healthy, focused and efficient throughout our day-to-day activities.