Many of us have a lot on our minds when we wake up in the morning. There are kids to feed, trains to catch and meetings to prepare for. And while all of these things are important, we are selling ourselves short of success when we skip out on the key ingredient to a successful day: Breakfast.

Do you ever grab a quick bite in the morning, only to realize you’re starving by your first meeting?

It’s time to embrace your morning meal.

If your breakfast consists of a piece of fruit or a glass of juice in the morning, then you’re not giving your body what it needs.  It’s essential to remember that breakfast is the most important meal of your day, and it should provide you with all of the energy you’ll require.

Consider your breakfast options

Breakfast is important to your body’s needs, so you’ll want want to choose foods that are rich in protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.  Some of us rely on products that are labeled “breakfast foods”, but these contain high-sugar, which could worsen the start of your day.Muffins and sugar-loaded cereals are two of the culprits that may be convenient for the bus, but not for your body.

These sugary foods will start you out on the wrong path, and cause you to crave more unhealthy, high-sugar foods.  High-sugar foods simply make you feel even hungrier after you eat them, which can quickly turn into a vicious cycle.

Some of the good foods for breakfast are:

·         Eggs

·         Smoothies made with fruits, vegetables and Greek yogurt

·         Oatmeal

·         Greek yogurt

 Take a Healthy Snack

Set yourself up for success. If you ate light during your breakfast, it’s advisable to have a healthy snack before lunch.  Eating a healthy snack will keep you satisfied and help you avoid the office vending machine.  Some effective snacks include pesto sticks, nuts or even slices of apple. 

Snack in moderation

Healthy snacks are a great way to curb hunger, but that doesn’t mean you should be snacking all day long. If you rely on three big meals a day, keep snacks light and only have them when you know you’re truly hungry.

Headaches and fatigue are sign signs of hunger, but they can something entirely different.  Headaches you feel maybe a sign that you need more sleep at night or that you’re dehydrated.  Try to analyze the way you feel first, before reaching out something to eat.

To best figure out why you’re hungry and when, keep a food diary of all of the things you eat in a day. This can help you figure out if you missed a meal, if you’re lacking a food group or if there is something totally unrelated to food going on with your body.

Embrace your breakfast, so that you can embrace the day.