1. Follow Recovery Recommendations

Follow your doctor's advice regarding postpartum recovery and get the clearance to work out. This usually happens 6 weeks after birth. For C-sections, recovery time may be longer as the stomach muscles need a chance to recover


to avoid damage during exercise. Ease back into your fitness routine by taking walks with the family. This will also help your cardio respiratory health as you tackle more intense training down the line.

2. Leave Junk Food at the Checkout Counter

Mealprep so you always have better options. Cook in bulk and prepare for the week ahead.

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3. Breastfeeding Helps Weight Loss

Breast feeding not only passes whole-food nutrients to your baby, it will also help you lose the baby weight. An additional 500 calories per day can be burned just by breastfeeding. This will also help your uterus contract, aiding in flattening your stomach during the first two weeks after birth.

4. Exercise Safely

Getting back into a regular fitness regimen after pregnancy has many other benefits other than returning you to your pre-pregnancy weight. Being fit helps to reduce back pain, improve and maintain muscle tone, improve sleep quality, and reduce leg cramps and swelling. Research show that mothers who make exercise a part of their priorities cope better with the demands of motherhood. As you get back into a fitness routine, take note of the following safety tips:

  • It’s very important that your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles have regained sufficient strength before you start doing any exercise- talk with your doctor and a fitness professional.
  • You should not experience any back pain, pelvic or vaginal heaviness or urine loss during or after exercise. If you experience this, lower the intensity level of your exercises.
  • Always wear a good supportive bra.
  • Be mindful to maintain correct form and posture.
  • Don't forget your water bottle. Drink small amounts of fluid regularly before, during and after your workout to avoid dehydration. This is especially important for nursing moms.