Reasons not to Exercise
Reasons not to Exercise

You are tired

To maintain optimal overall health, sleep is as vital as proper nutrition and exercise.  When your body is exhausted, it is not able to function at its full potential.  You'll feel sluggish and weak.

In a tired state, exercise might add unnecessary stress to the body. Furthermore, you will not be able to perform to your potential during a workout. Struggling to complete your last sets compromises form, leading to an increase in the chance of injury.

You are stressed

Exercise is proven to be a great stress buster. If you're having a bad day, a sweat session can get your feel-good brain hormones pumping, leaving you in a happier state.

However, if stress is chronically ruining your day and you feel constantly overwhelmed, take a step back and re-evaluate to address the root of your stress.

Your muscles are super sore

If you're just getting back to exercising after some time off, there's a likely chance that you will feel very sore for several days after working out. Try to ease back into the routine by starting with a low intensity activity to warm up, such as a brisk walk.

However, if you have regularly been going to the gym and experience a killer leg session that leaves you in pain, that's a sign to take a rest day. That gives your muscles a chance to repair and lessens the chance of an injury.

You have a fever

A fever indicates that your body's immune system is battling an infection. Exercising while feverish adds stress to your body in this state. It can also lead to dehydration.

If you have a fever, rest is in order until it subsides.

You are pregnant

Maintaining an active lifestyle while pregnant is possible and encouraged. Great exercises for pregnant women include yoga, swimming, walking, and low intensity weight training. These all provide mental and physical health benefits during pregnancy.

However, avoid activities like skiing, cycling and horseback riding due to the risk of falls and abdominal injury. Bottom line: check in with your obstetrician about a safe exercise regimen.