1. Exercise manages weight

Exercise will help avoid weight gain and help maintain weight loss.  If you are involved in physical activity, you burn calories.  The more intense the physical activity is, the more calories you will burn.  You don’t need to schedule long hours to exercise and lose weight, you can lose weight in many simple ways – like climbing the stairs instead of using elevator or doing household chores: sweeping, mopping the floor etc.

2 Exercise fights diseases

Regardless of your current weight, if you're an active person, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or also called “good cholesterol” cuts harmful triglycerides.  This will help your blood flow, lowering the chance  cardiovascular diseases.  Regular exercise will help you avoid or manage a wide range of health diseases such as stroke, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, depression, cancers etc.

3. Exercise controls and improves mood

Stressed at work?  Need an emotional lift?  A 30-minute  brisk walk can help you get rid of your bad mood.  Any physical activities fuel various brain chemicals that will leave you feeling happier and more stress-free. Your self confidence and self esteem will be boosted as well and you will generally feel better when you exercise habitually.  

4. Exercise increases energy

Frequent physical activity will help you improve the strength of your muscles and enhance your endurance.  Regular exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system function properly. When your heart and lungs function properly, you will have more energy to do all your errands and go through your day.

5. Exercise helps you to get better sleep

Are you struggling to get a better night of sleep? Or having a hard time staying asleep?  Regular physical activity during the day will help you sleep better and deeper. Just don't exercise before bedtime as you might be too energized afterwards.