We take ourselves outside of our comfort zone in classes and we need a healthy recovery to benefit from all that hard training.

Quick check list of activities to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.

Air -  Breathing Detoxifies and Releases Toxins.  Here is a link for 18 benefits of deep breathing 

Water - I love this quote, "water facilitates all cellular functions".  Pee clear once a day, fun accomplishment for the day.

Sleep - When we sleep the body goes into high repair mode, need i say more?

Posture - It's a little thing we can control all day long with a huge impact on how we respond to life events.  Slouch and see how you feel, then get tall and and strong and notice how you feel more powerful.  That is all it takes.  Here is a link with more great information.

Nutrition - what we eat is what our body will use to energize us and rebuild our body with.  We have the super healthy organic juices to make it super easy for you to get super easy great nutrition in.  Healthy eating does make us feel better and more productive.

Massage it out - not only feels good, but it's time to address the aches and pains so that you can train safer and stronger.

De-Stress Sunday Massage

Come on in this Sunday 8/24/14 from 9:45am-10:15am (sorry earlier times are already booked) and get a personal chair massage by our skilled misuse, George!

It's only $20 for 15 min and $39 for 30 min. He does a variety of massages & can appropriately meet the personal

needs that are suitable for your body. Its a first come, first serve bases. If you book two people at once you get a

10% discount. If need be we can extend the hour.

To book your appointment please give Victoria a call (973)-735-4816 or email us at customerservice@risefit.com.

This is a new service that we are working on for you.  We love to see you and get your feedback.

Phrase of the day

"I take full responsibility for the response I give", it goes perfectly with the E+R=O on the wall at Rise. 

Be awesome!