This is an example of what NOT to do in a reverse Hyperextension

Back pain is a real bummer! And when you experience it, especially in a severe case, you’d probably do whatever it takes to make it go away.

Now, before I explain a great way to do that on your own, I think you’ll benefit from knowing what else to do to help remove your back pain.

When I was full-on into training athletes, we used 3 steps to fully restore and rebuild a soft tissue injury.

My Triangle of Injury Repair

Step 1: Massage – There are many forms you can try, and I have found deep fascial massage, neuromuscular massage and *trigger point massage all to have benefits.

*In the case of trigger point, I mean going to the local area that is scarred up and using a hand or tool to help break apart the scar tissue.

Step 2: Strengthening – This often means lightening the load to help restore range of motion and strength

Step 3: Prolotherapy, PRP and the likes – These types of treatments have helped greatly in those who face very challenging and stubborn injuries, and although they may not be for everyone, it is worthwhile to look into it, if your injury is chronic.

Again, all of the above hinge on the skill of the practitioner, so be sure to do some research to find out who knows their craft and has mastered it.

I have learned quite a bit since my younger days and now do well with steps 1 and 2 respectively.

Back Pain

There are so many forms of back pain. And the exercises you’ll see in this video are more for injuries related to muscle, ligaments and tendons.

And to be sure you’re going to be safe, do your best to get a clinical diagnosis first. I say this because sometimes the answers we get at the Doctor’s office are vague, unclear or even unknown.

And if we have the actual answer, strengthening and rebuilding is that much more effective.

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know I’m a big fan of lengthening tissue under force.

Here’s an example:

You have a tight Pec minor muscle that is causing pain in the front of your chest, high up near the shoulder.

This muscle is often used and abused in daily life with poor posture, bag and purse carrying and texting, and as well poor form or overuse in the gym.

Now, if you wanted to open up and restore that muscle back to its original shape, you’d have great success by doing an eccentric contraction.

In this case we will do a slow lower bench press.

Secondly, you’ll want to gradually add weight to the bar and of course, monitor distance to ensure the muscle gets loaded and stronger at each angle, while safely being able to withstand the load in hand (barbell and its weight).

One big key is to not allow any shortening phase, so it would be best to have a spotter who helps you lift the bar up.

I have rebuilt pretty messed up shoulders with this exercise and a few others.

One Amazing Back Exercise

Let’s say your erector, Glutes or QL muscle are affecting your back and you want to help get them stronger and as well restore a normal shape to them.

Similar to the bench press example above, you would lengthen them under force.

A while back when I wasn’t using the best form I’d have back pain and if I woke up from a crappy bed, it may stiffen.

The exercise you’re going to see in this video can help remove that stiffness immediately.

And 2-3 rounds can change your day for the better!

Not A Magic Wand

Back pain has so many triggers and is often rooted in poor form or a lack of bracing in the gym, so be sure to consider these variables and as well your hip flexors, when looking to build a super strong and healthy back.

Here is the exercise I use with many of my clients who come to me with pre-existing back pain.

It works wonders and is one tool out of many that can get your back to the way it was when you were young.

Enjoy! And be sure to comment below if you have any questions or insights.

Train Smart!


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