Hi Risers!

Sure felt like spring to me today!  

We are adding one class to our regular scheduled classes for tomorrow, for those who sleep in.

There will be 7:45am class with Josiah and 9:00am class with Mark,

We are adding train with a trainer at 10:15am with coach Mark.  He will be training and you can join him.

Jacob will have his class at 4:00pm.

BIG Thank You!, to everyone who brought their friend for 2 free weeks at Rise, for friends and family March promotion.


"Whatever you FEED your MIND in the FIRST 30 MINUTES of the day,

will IMPACT the SPIRIT of your DAY.

Saturate yourself with POSITIVE WORDS that FUEL your ENERGY and IGNITE your SPIRIT.

Your THOUGHTS create your REALITY.



I believe this is a great way to start the day and end the day, give it a shot!  

Be awesome!