Together we win more.

In this spirit,  Rise is having our first "Bring a Friend to Rise" month in March!

We heard that many people have friends who want to give Rise a try but need a little bit of encouragement and support to take that first class. We all know how scary that first class can be---the intimidating feeling that everyone else knows what they are doing except for you.  This is why it is helpful to come with a friend; someone who can ease those butterflies and support you in your new journey.
So now through March 31, 2014 invite a friend (or more) to experience a FREE 2-week trial at Rise.  It is a "win-win" for you both:  you are able to expose your friend to a rewarding fitness experience while your friend benefits from your support and guidance.
Please share this email with any friends and acquaintances you'd like to bring along.  When possible, plan to attend the first class with your friend to help them acclimate to the experience.

We greatly appreciate your support in making our first annual "Bring a Friend to Rise" month a success. 

Be well,