If your summer was more about barbeques then barbells ~ then it is time to get back to Rise and get back on track!

Below find some easy ideas to get you onto the "activity" road to recovery!

1.  Take the earliest class you can during the day.  Once it is out of the way you are less likely to come up with excuses to blow off your class as well as having a great kick start to you morning.

2. Visualize ~ Summer is over so let it go!  Where do you see yourself in a month from now?  In two?  Visualize where you want to be, what you want to be doing, a fitness goal that you have accomplished.  If you can see it ~ you can be it!

3.  Mark it in your calendar ~ you write down doctors appointments, put in hair and nail plans, schedule dates to get together with friends ~ why not the class dates and times you planning on attending?  When you write something down you are making a commitment to yourself and you are more likely to follow through.

4.  Phone a friend ~ get someone to join you.  Knowing that you have committed to another person not only increases your accountability but gives you someone share the experience with, commiserate with, perhaps smile though the pain with and to "high five" when the work out is done.

5. Success leads to further Success ~ when you start to exercise, you start to feel better about yourself ~ and that feeling is addictive!  You then begin to chase it ~ exercising more, making better food choices and taking better care of you body overall.


And always remember you have the entire team at Rise ~ we are here everyday to help to make your aspirations a reality!


Coach Lisa