In addition to proper rest  your body needs the right fuel to intensify the results of your training. High quality nutrition will not only improve your overall results, but help with recovery. Proper nutrition is not only about what you eat before your workouts, its about how you are fueling your body all day. High quality nutrition requires some planning but the benifits you will see when all of these commponants are place will be amazing!! Here is one idea of a great pre-workout bite from Kathy.  One slice of Ezekial toast with one Tbsp. of raw unsalted almond butter and a few slices of banana on top.

After your workout try a green kale smoothie with a scoop of protein powder and some Chia seeds. The protein is especially important post workout and Chia seeds are loaded with Omega3s, protein and an excellent source of fiber!

Kathy Stiles

Rise Nutritionist


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