"The world does not reward average people well, 

so you must be extraordinary." 

- Ted Nicholas

By Jason Leister,

First, understand that personal freedom begins in your mind, body and soul and grows from that place.


It is an ideal that you cling to. And ideal that you build upon. Eventually, that internal fuel makes its way into the physical world


The road to personal freedom and the escape from the status quo begins with waking up to each and every decision you make in your life.


This is a difficult habit to plant, in my experience. Years and years of shallow thinking have invaded most of our lives. We do things without really thinking about why we do them. We create entire lives for ourselves that are based on other people's ideas and agendas. 


Today is your opportunity to change that.


Today is your opportunity to break free from allowing the status quo to control you.


The truth is, it can't control you unless you allow it.


The day you stop accepting the status quo is the day you start living your life.


You escape by understanding that you are on a journey worth taking. 


Today is the day to escape.


You escape by understanding that the prize is worth a life.


You escape by understanding that you have been given a gift that is completely without measure: the ability to decide what direction you will travel today, tomorrow and the next day.


But I have to warn you, the journey probably won't be easy. Especially at first.


There's a middle ground, a limbo of sorts, where it feels like you're out there all by yourself. It feels that way because you are all by yourself. For the time being anyway.


You are 4-5 steps away from the herd. They see you there, and they don't like it.


That's the time to persevere.


If you keep paddling, you'll soon come upon another land. A better land if I might be so bold. This land is where all of the people live who have abandoned the status quo in search of something better--in search of something more fulfilling, more real.


They're on a similar journey. And seeing them gives you great strength. It shows you that you are in very good company. The best company there is actually.


You are an independent being. You are free to make your choices and to take action on those choices. You are free to do this today, despite the best efforts of "the herd" to keep you in line.


What do you get in exchange for all of this trouble?


You get the life that is meant for you. And that, dear Reader, will make all the difference.


Be awesome!