Remember when your mother used to say to you “if all your friends were going to jump off a cliff, would you jump off that cliff too?”….. just as when you were younger your friendships can influence you to follow a path you not might ordinarily choose to take.

You may have the best intention to leave the party early to get a good night sleep and get up for your class, stick to your “two drink” limit or cut yourself off at “just one cookie” but surrounded by others who are over indulging can make your defenses weak.

Others can stop you temporarily ~ you are the only one who can do it permanently.”

You can still go out and have a great time socializing ~ start by staying focused on maintaining your own beliefs about what is healthy ~ and avoid being swayed by friends and THEIR choices. 

 In the end you need to remember that the next day it all comes down to YOUR headache, YOUR waistline, YOUR missed workout and YOUR choice!

Coach Lisa