There is a lot to complain about and most of the time that's where it stops.  I like to remind myself the saying "if you have time to complain then you have time to do something about it".  My main point of today is be grateful, when we shift our mindset to being grateful we begin to see that we have so much good in our lives.  It will build our energy, confidence, we will feel happier, stronger and with a positive mindset we will take better actions that will lead to more good things in our lives.  

Take a moment right now and list all the things you feel grateful for, from your health to your children and all the things in between.  List at least 20 and I guarantee that when you look over that list you will feel more positive. 

Tonight look at your list and before you go to bed add to it, you will sleep better.

I am grateful for all of you, thank you for your support and sharing the journey!