"I believe that happiness is not something you can get or manipulate or buy at any price.  Happiness is something that happens when you create the right conditions.  Like sleep.  Can you make yourself fall asleep?  No, but you can create the conditions wherein sleep happens.  You turn off the lights, pull down the shades, fluff up your pillow, and close your eyes.

In fact, i'm of the opinion that nothing really precious or important happens because we make it happen.  All the precious things in life are gifts.  You don't decide to fall in love or cry with joy at the sight of your child in her first school play.  You don't try to enjoy a sunset or thrill to the sounds of a symphony.  But these things happen when you behave in a certain ways, when you are open to life - not as you would narrowly define it, but life as it is."   by Stephen Cherniske 

Think about it how this applies to you and how you can open yourself to give and receive happiness in your life? how you can create the conditions to experience more love and joy in your life?

Thank you, to the those that bring love and joy to my life.