A common issue for people who are frustrated with losing or maintaining weight has to do with food timing.  Here is a basic outline, I am not going into great detail because I want you to comprehend the big picture and later dive into the details. Breakfast is the most important meal.  When you wake up and you are not hungry, and therefore skip eating breakfast and just have coffee, that is not good.  One of the things it means is, you have over eaten for dinner.  Your body instead of resting and healing during your sleep was busy processing food, and you missed your chance to restore and repair the body which means you're not helping your body stay younger longer.

Lunch - stop having a salad for lunch.  This should be your biggest meal of the day, eat lots of fiber in this meal.  Fiber does many things, among the benefits is that it is low in calories and gives you that full feeling for a longer period of time, so load up on it.

Dinner - ideally you will eat your dinner about 3 hours before you hit the bed and go for a 20 min stroll with the family.  Have a salad for dinner.  If you had a big lunch, you will  not be starving before dinner.  When you load your body with food and you're not being active then whatever energy is not being used will be stored for later, so that big dinner filled with lots of energy is all being turned into fat!  Fat is excess energy that is being stored to be used later.

Food processing times: I call it light foods and heavy foods.

Certain food are easier to process than others.  Fruits and veggies will go through the digestive system much faster than meats and dairy products.  It comes down to how complex and energy intensive it is to break down and process the foods.

What you want to do is eat light foods in the am, so they are broken down fast and you get energy into your system fast.

For lunch load up on on the grains, veggies and heavy foods, giving you body the rest of the day to process them, and by being active you keep using up the energy that is slowly being extracted.This is why you are not turning that energy into fat.

For dinner go back to light, so that when you go to sleep your body can repair and restore from all the damage it has sustained through the day.