Body Composition Scan

What is Body Composition Scan?

Our Medical Grade Inbody 520 Body Composition Analyzer Scan generates a complete and totally accurate snapshot of your body composition. Based on the results of the scan, we are able to precisely measure and track improvements in fat loss, muscle gain, symmetries and asymmetries, water retention. This enables us to better customize training routines and guidance for effective eating habits to help our members reach their goals.

          Body Scan how it works!

When jumping on the scale you miss the important numbers that are not measured on a regular scale.  The weight is the sum of fat, muscle, water, bones, and organs.  Bones and organs don’t change in weight much but the fat, muscle and water does.  When looking at total weight, a person has no insight into what they are exactly looking at, hence they are guessing that either numbers are good or bad.  Did they lose fat, muscle or water, did they gain fat, lost muscle and lost water?  The goal is to increase muscle tone, minimize fat reserves, and have a healthy water levels.   Looking at the total weight it is impossible to tell what is really happening in the body.  The InBody scanner is able to tell us the numbers that matter and we can accurately track true progress.  Did you increase your muscle, did you decrease your fat, do you have healthy water levels, these are the variables that matter.


$45 – Body Composition Scan and review of the Result Analysis Sheet up to 15 min