WHO WE ARE:  RiseFIT is a workout system that focuses on delivering the smartest, safest, and most complete type of workout  We are committed to getting people in the best shape of their lives, and keeping them challenged at every level. Our mission is to build endurance for life. 


WHO WE AREN'T:  We are not a gym that focuses on delivering the hardest or "most killer" kind of workout and potentially injuring you. Any trainer can make someone sweaty, out of breath, and doing things they shouldn't be doing. Anyone can throw out one exercise after another, entertain you, encourage you to have "fun", or have a good playlist.  What distinguishes RISE from other gyms, is that we strive to build proportion, help you regain your ability to move with grace, and to know which muscles need to be stretched and strengthened in order to create balance and harmony on which to build your strength.


OUR GOAL:  The general public has no clue what makes a good class. They think that if they sweat, have fun, like the music, chat with their friends, then that was an awesome class. They don't really know what is an effective exercise. They don't really know if the exercise is actually healthy and safe for them or not, and sometimes they end up doing many dangerous moves until their luck runs out. As a result, they feel sore, or barely able to move the next day.


WHAT WE ARE GOOD AT:  Our highly skilled trainers or "coaches" will screen you so they know how well you can move, and give you the appropriate exercises based on that screening. Our trainers are focused on your ability and skill level, the right amount of intensity for your fitness level, and they lead exercises that are effective, efficient, and safe. They monitor you in the entire class and keep you focused on three essential exercise elements:  good form, quality movement, and just the right amount of intensity. Our "coaches" serve as an example and are fully able to communicate the why and the what of any given exercise.