Meet our Team


Robert Jaroszuk | Founder & Owner | Mentor

Rob Jaroszuk is the proud owner and founder of RiseFIT, and has been running his own business for the past ten years. Rob emigrated from Poland when he was 11 years old, as his parents wanted him and his siblings to have a better life. In high school, Rob learned about entrepreneurship and when he started training in karate, he knew that he wanted to somehow combine fitness and business. Rob earned his black belt in Taekwondo and Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) but after several injuries, he knew he had to start training differently if wanted to stay in shape for life. His passion and expertise for performance training along with his drive and business sense lead him to start his own unique fitness business. Rob’s passion and training style caught on, and eventually he outgrew his former location and brought RiseFit to its current “warehouse” which combines both specialized equipment, as well as “old school” techniques, and a pristine work out environment.

Rob is a consummate reader and has educated himself on the topics of personal mastery and how elite people function. His interest in this led him to become certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), NAP (Neuro-Associative Programing), hypnosis, and trauma healing to name a few. His expertise allows him deeper insight into how the subconscious mind works; how people create associations; and how they can reprogram them and create new ones. Rob firmly believes that staying younger longer is truly within our reach, when we learn how to support our metabolism. Rob uses this knowledge and unique skills to help people grow and evolve to their next desired level, break-through old patterns, and heal the past to create a much longer, brighter future!

Robert has numerous certifications including:

Purple Belt Jujitsu; Black Belt Taekwondo; Certified Personal Trainer; MovNat (natural human movement); Primal Movement Chains; NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); NAP (Neuro-Associative Programming); Hypnosis; Trauma Healing; LUF REDUX (a Navy SEAL leadership program); VIPR; TRX; DVRT (Sandbag training)

Angela Quintano.jpg

Angela Quintano | Aerial Coach

Angela is a Bergen County resident formerly from the “Show Me” State of Missouri. Her passion for fitness introduced her to the aerial arts over a year ago and she fell in love with the creativity that the aerial hammock provides. As a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor, she is excited to share her knowledge of Aerial with others by teaching them how to relax, restore, rejuvenate, and recover overworked muscles while maintaining proper breath control and alignment which over time will increase flexibility. Angela believes "You only get one ride on this thing called life, so you'd best have your hands up and enjoy the ride!" Get ready to leave her class feeling amazing and ready to conquer your next workout!